Bollywood top 5 Hot films

Bollywood top 5 Hot films
Bollywood top 5 Hot films

Bollywood top 5 Hot films Friends, Bollywood from the very beginning speaks above the heads of the audience watching the film. Bollywood is a huge industry today. Today it is completely dependent on money, glamor and relationship, but ever since the temper of hotness and boldness came in Bollywood, the viewership also increased and the earnings of films also increased. Here the actor and actress took off their clothes in the film and on the other side the business of crores went on and the film became a super hit. Due to these films some films came which crossed all limits of boldness and hotness.

Today we will tell you about those 5 Bollywood films, if you watch them even today, you will get sweaty and work will arise in your mind.

Bollywood top 5 hot movies


Friends, many films came before Murder and also after, but till date no director had shown the physical relationship between man and woman in such depth. The film is the story of a girl who is obsessed with love, hunger for the body and her relationship with her husband. Mallika Sherawat is that girl who wants to make her present day like her past. She wants to have a honeymoon every night but her husband keeps cutting her off.

It is not that the relationship did not work out between them,

but Mallika does not get the feeling that she used to get with her boyfriend i.e. Emraan Hashmi before marriage, and even though she does not want to have the same feeling, she goes to bed with Emraan Hashmi once again. It divides and then the same thing happens again and again. The hunger for love and body increases so much that it even comes to the point of murder. Viewers still like to watch every scene of Murder again and again. Bollywood top 5 hot movies


Julie is also the story of Neha Dhupia burning in the fire of lust. Neha plays the character of a girl who wants to cool down the fire in her body as she steps into youth. He needs love as well as thirst. Neha Dhupia has given very bold scenes in this film and even today people get hot after seeing those scenes and Neha Dhupia was specially shot in this film because the director was looking for a girl whose face would be loved. Ho and mischief filled with lust in the eyes. Julie has completely swung into the swing of youth and she just wants to swing anyhow.

Hate Story

Friends, Hate Story is the only film which is made without any big film star but till date the director is earning money from this film because even today people are crazy about the boldness of Hate Story. Hate Story is a story of love, lust and then betrayal. The son of the owner of the company falls in love with the company’s new employee but he only loves her body and once the fire cools down, he leaves the girl.

The girl is in a very bad condition

but then passion arises in her mind and she vows that she will not rest till she destroys him. After that she slowly starts climbing the ladder of progress and for that she sacrifices her body in front of many people and finally her purpose becomes successful. But meanwhile, there are so many bold and hot scenes that if seen even today, the temperature becomes double hot.

Dirty Picture

Friends, Vidya Balan gave a new direction to boldness and hotness through The Dirty Picture. She played the role of famous actress Silk Smitha in it and due to this, there is a lot of boldness as well as hotness in the film. Vidya Balan’s facial expressions and hot scenes are well remembered by the people. How a woman living in a brothel directly becomes a heroine of top films has been shown, but in this journey she collides with many people and leaves an impression of her boldness. If you watch hot scenes, then your eyes look teary.


Friends, Aastha is a film of famous actress Rekha and it is still in limelight because of the hot bed scene between Ompuri and Rekha. The bed and other scenes between Ompuri and Rekha are very bold and the chemistry between the two is sizzling. That one scene between Ompuri and Rekha still warms the hearts of the viewers. When Rekha engrossed in sweat and heat gives a scene with her male partner, the temperature of the onlookers automatically rises.

So friends, these are those 5 hot superhit films, Bollywood top 5 Hot films, which if seen even today, it becomes difficult to control oneself and emotions get awakened.

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