Budhape Me Jawani Jaise Josh

Budhape Me Jawani Jaise Josh
Budhape Me Jawani Jaise Josh

Budhape Me Jawani Jaise Josh Friends, today’s topic is very important because it is telling the problem which is not only the problem of India but the whole world is troubled by it. With increasing age, the desire and strength to have sex becomes weak, but now it is being seen that only after 35 people have started to loose and their body has become very weak from inside. Can’t spend romance and loving moments with your partner on the bed. Within a few seconds all the enthusiasm is gone, then

What is the solution to this problem after all?

Budhape Me Jawani Jaise Josh

There are some direct and easy solutions for this which are being told to you, so read this article with full seriousness and awareness.

Spend less time on social media

Friends, try to do the work you are doing with full concentration and stay away from distractions. Like – Facebook, Instagram etc. These days there are gaudy pictures and videos which are not only making you weak from outside but also making you weak from inside.

People leave their sleep overnight and stick to the phone, which is not good at all. If you want to enjoy youth to the fullest, then keep a distance from the phone to a certain extent, otherwise it will never let you be young.

Stay away from adult movies

Friends, try to stay away from adult movies and other types of material as it takes you into a world of thoughts which are far from reality. All these ingredients are enough to cool your spirits. It will not only weaken your nerves but will not let you stay in bed, so always stay away from flashy content of internet and try to use phone as much as it works.

Improve diet with increasing age

  • If the age is 35 or more then it is also your responsibility to improve your diet.
  • Keep in mind that always keep nutritious food in food like green vegetables, pulses, chicken, egg, milk, butter etc.
  • Apart from this, completely say no to food made outside like – burger, pizza, chickpeas, cold drinks etc.

Consume Shilajit and Ashwagandha daily

  • Friends, you have to take Shilajit with lukewarm milk every night before sleeping and consume Ashwagandha one day.
  • You can take Shilajit for three days and Ashwagandha for three days.
  • Remember that you should not take any kind of English medicine.
  • Use Ayurveda and Naturopathy instead.

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Do Yoga

  • Yes, yoga will increase your stamina and you will feel the youthful vigor inside and in bed even as you grow older.
  • In yoga, you can do Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Bhastrika and Pranayama.
  • All these are the asanas which you can do while sitting.
  • This creates energy in you and you get youthful vigor in yourself.

Apply these mentioned methods in your life and see the result, you will feel the vigor of 25 years and you will be able to last longer in bed.


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