Chawl house 2 review

Chawl house 2 review
Chawl house 2 review

Chawl House 2 Movie Review Friends, Ullu App is once again going to increase your mercury because Ullu App’s bold series Charamsukh has now appeared in a new avatar and the name of this avatar is Chawl House 2.

How the restlessness of two hearts and the fire of youth fills the relationship between sister-in-law and brother-in-law with warmth, this is the newness of this series. The trailer has been released and the viewers are loving it. Ullu app is present in every house and in every phone and there are no less lovers of Ullu app, so every series released on Ullu app is a super hit.

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Chawl house 2 review What is the story ?

The elder brother comes to his younger brother in the chawl with his beautiful and beautiful wife and starts laughing happily but he does not know that his youth is not being handled by his wife and his younger brother. He is not even aware that the spark of lust is burning behind him and this spark has caught fire. Elder brother’s wife is desperate and younger brother is restless.

Both are compelled to extinguish their own fire and forgetting all the limits of the relationship, both are just becoming each other’s need. Sometimes inside the house, sometimes outside the house, sometimes in the canal, sometimes on the poor, just romance everywhere. When all the limits are crossed, the elder brother gets a clue and after that what twist comes, it is a matter to be seen.

Who are the artists ?

  1. Sneha Paul
  2. Daxit Kumar
  3. Jyotsna Trivedi

Friends, Sneha Paul has already made the audience sweat by giving her bold scenes and today every youth is crazy about Sneha and because of this she has been cast in the superhit Charamsukh series. Sneha Paul is second to none in giving hot scenes and looks very confident too. So today his popularity is very high and he is the focal point of this series. The focus is solely on him.

Why to watch it ?

If you are fond of watching hot and tadka masala series then Chawl House 2 is just for you. You will get everything in this series. Emotion, hotness, impatience, impatience, mischievous glances, tantrums, gestures, hot sighs and sobs. Ullu App has been showcasing the relationship between man and woman in a very bold manner in front of the audience and that is the reason why everyone is crazy about Ullu App.

what is special

Friends, Sneha Paul and her performances are the biggest attraction of this series. Today Sneha has millions of fans who are eager to see her in the series and keep waiting for her. Sneha has also done a wonderful job so far and has made a name for herself with her work. chawla house 2 review

The thing to see is that it is Sneha Paul’s style that makes the viewer crazy about her and in this series she has crossed the limits of boldness and made the audience sweat, if you are the boldest avatar of Sneha Paul If you are fond of watching then this series is for you.

Friends, this great series of Ullu App will be released this week on 25th February, you can watch it on Ullu App. Not only this, you can also download it.



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