crime story in hindi

crime story in hindi
crime story in hindi

crime story in hindi who is the murderer of love? No matter how much the sin is hidden, it comes out one day or the other. This story of Sangeeta is also similar. As soon as Sangeeta stepped on the threshold of youth, a volcano of feelings and desires started erupting inside her.

She started searching for a partner to satisfy her every desire and every restlessness. But it was not that she liked any one boy. He likes something in a boy and something else in another. While doing this, Sangeeta came in contact with many boys and she kept all of them behind her back.

But Sangeeta did not know this at all crime story in hindi

That she will stand alone on the path she has walked in the end. The enthusiasm of youth lasts only for a while and ends very soon. Prakash was a handsome young man who fell in love with Sangeeta, but Prakash had only one principle, that after falling in love with any girl, he did not want to see her with any other boy.

Gradually the closeness of Prakash and Sangeeta started increasing and very soon the limits of love and affection between Prakash and Sangeeta crossed and both got lost in each other. crime story in hindi

crime story in hindi For a few months, there was a lot of love, meeting-separation,

crime story in hindi

Talks, love, love, love, promises but a dangerous game was being born in Sangeeta’s mind under the guise of love. Sangeeta was in love with Prakash’s wealth, not Prakash, but Prakash was innocent and fell in love with Sangeeta with all his heart.

Sangeeta and Prakash had started meeting and both were spending a lot of time together. Prakash would often ask Sangeeta – would she always love him like this?

Sangeeta would remain silent for two minutes on this question,

After all, she was seeing love for him in Prakash’s eyes. Prakash should have understood only then but Prakash was so innocent that he could not understand anything and the second thing was that he was drowned in true love.

Completely unaware of the devastation that lies on the other side. Apart from Prakash, Sangeeta was meeting two other boys and was taking vows of love.

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It was not that Sangeeta did not know what she was doing.

She is wrong but she was so engrossed in the storm of wealth and money that she used to ignore every other thing. Those two boys also used to die for Sangeeta from their hearts and Sangeeta had vowed to be with them as well.

Sangeeta was not on two but three boats which were bound to sink in the end. Well, love slowly started rising and Prakash talked about Sangeeta at home. crime story in hindi

Now the time had come for Sangeeta when she had to meet Prakash’s family.

crime story in hindi But something else was cooking in Sangeeta’s mind.

She had taken expensive phones, gifts and many other things from Prakash for the compulsions of her household and now she had said goodbye to Prakash. Prakash’s family members told Prakash to bring him home tomorrow, let’s sit and talk.

Today it’s been 5 whole days, Prakash is calling, has sent messages but neither Sangeeta’s call is coming nor her whereabouts. Prakash has gone mad.

Home, office, friends, parents, he is unable to see anything and he is drinking heavily. Just then her phone rings…. Sangeeta’s name is on the phone,

Prakash immediately picks up the phone.

crime story in hindi
  • Prakash – Hello Sangeeta, where are you, do you know how my condition has become, I am going to die, say something man
  • A man’s voice comes from the other side – who is speaking?
  • Prakash – I am speaking Prakash, who are you?
  • I am Inspector Alok Sharma speaking, Sangeeta has been murdered and we have received her body today itself which is completely decomposed.

crime story in hindi All the intoxication of Prakash got over and he immediately reached the given address.

He was shocked to see Sangeeta. The girl with whom he was dreaming of living his life was in front of him. Prakash was sensitive so he felt dizzy and fainted.

In a short while Sangeeta’s family members and Prakash’s family members came and met, and it was confirmed that the body was of Sangeeta. Now the question is how did all this happen and why? The bigger question than that was that who did all this?

The police had swung into action and now the investigation had begun. crime story in hindi

Phone calls, messages and every layer of Sangeeta’s life was being dug and the hidden truth was being discovered in it. It didn’t take long for the police to learn that Sangeeta was a cunning girl and was in love with three boys at the same time.

The boys whose numbers and calls matched with Sangeeta, those boys were caught by the police and the inquiry continued.

All the boys who were in love with Sangeeta were shocked to hear the news of Sangeeta’s death as they were dreaming of spending their life with Sangeeta.

The police slowly started being strict but the police were not getting any clue and no way was visible.

crime story in hindi Why would someone kill him?

Those with whom she used to talk and was playing the game of love, all of them were already in police custody, then who is escaping from the eyes of the police.

Everyone in the police station was worried as to how to solve this mystery, only then a parcel arrives at the police station and the person delivering the parcel too.

When the police open the parcel, there is a video CD in it, when the police plays it, the whole story comes to the fore.

If the police run outside immediately, that man would have disappeared by then.

The police are shocked to see what they saw in the video, Sangeeta was killed by her own mother as she knew Sangeeta’s reality. Actually, Sangeeta’s talking to different boys day and night was bothering her mother and when mother asked,

Sangeeta used to say that all these are the clients of the office and they have to talk like this, but the mother was worried about Sangeeta’s behavior. There was suspicion and she was keeping an eye on Sangeeta.

crime story in hindi Sangeeta returned from office one day and went to the bathroom as soon as she returned,

When mother saw Sangeeta through the hole in the bathroom, she became very shy. Sangeeta was doing a video call with a boy in an objectionable position and that boy was also in an objectionable position.

Sangeeta was talking to him about money and he had made advance payment to Sangeeta and was talking about giving the rest of the money.

Sangeeta’s mother was enraged after seeing all this, crime story in hindi

As far as she was understanding, Sangeeta had crossed all the limits. Sangeeta’s parents had a lot of respect and because of this, Sangeeta’s mother made all the arrangements even before Sangeeta came from the bathroom.

Sangeeta’s mother connected the electric main switch to the geyser in the bathroom, as soon as Sangeeta opened the tap and put her hand in the water, she got a severe electric shock and died on the spot.

After that the mother called two people and got her body thrown in the nearby forest and started living quietly. crime story in hindi

crime story in hindi

There was no remorse in the mother’s eyes, it was not that she was not sad, the girl for whom she had woven many dreams, that girl left her forever today.

Police detained Sangeeta’s mother on the basis of the video and interrogated her, when Sangeeta’s mother accepted her crime and said that there was no other option left but to save the house and her honour.

Today Sangeeta’s mother is in jail, but sometimes when love becomes a means of play, such crimes do happen. You people are requested to do love but do not do business in the name of love.



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