Dahdi jaldi kaise badhayen

Dahdi jaldi kaise badhayen
Dahdi jaldi kaise badhayen

(Dahdi jaldi kaise badhayen) How to grow beard quickly ? Friends, today beard is not only a sign of masculinity for men but it has become an important part of their personality. Today it is fashionable to have long beard and it has become a trend which has been going on for many years now. If seen, the beard on the face has always been the center of attraction for men. Some men remain the subject of discussion among people and especially women due to their thick and long beard.

Today about 55 percent or more men

There are those who do not have a beard on their face and if it does, it is either very light or leaves a spot, due to which it looks worse and cannot be seen. Today young people are worried because of not having a beard on their face and they are also stressed because they do not get attraction from office, friends and girls. So are there ways by which beard can be grown. Dahdi jaldi kaise badhayen

Beard jaldi kaise badhayen The answer is yes, today we will tell you some ways by which you can grow beard sitting at home and grow a thick and luxurious beard :-

Shave with razor :-

Friends, if someone is telling you ten types of products to grow beard, then believe me, he is fooling you because no product can grow or grow beard. But if you apply razor and shave your face every two weeks in a month, then it is guaranteed that you will start getting thicker beard. In fact, after shaving with a razor, hair starts coming on the skin of our face where it was not there before and this is the reason why the beard becomes thick.

Do exercise :-

Friends, thick or long beard depends 70 percent on our genes but the remaining 30 percent depends on our own daily activities. The thickness of beard depends on our testosterone level. The higher our testosterone level, the thicker the beard and the only way to increase and improve testosterone level is daily exercise, yoga or exercise. For this you can go to the gym, do yoga or walk in the field every morning or evening for one hour.

Eat good food :-

If you want a good beard, then you have to eat good food too. It is a simple matter, if there is protein, vitamins and calcium in the body, then the beard will definitely grow and the hair will come thick, be it head hair or beard. Include green vegetables, lentils, eggs, milk, butter, ghee and fish in your diet.

Take complete sleep :-

Friends, when it comes to complete sleep, people often take it lightly, but you probably do not know that beard hair or head hair will not grow until you get a good and deep sleep. If you are not getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day then it will create stress in you, you will be lethargic, feel tired and it will stop your growth.

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Stay away from stress :-

Remember, don’t take any kind of sorrow, worry or stress on your mind and body. If you are under stress then hormones will not be able to develop properly and if hormones do not develop then it is impossible for your beard to grow, so stay away from stress as much as possible. The more you stay away from stress, the better your body will grow and the thicker and longer your beard hair will grow.

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