Damad ji Palang Tod

Damad ji Palang Tod
Damad ji Palang Tod

Damad ji Palang Tod (‘son-in-law’ of Ullu App) Yes, Ullu App’s dhamakedaar series Palang Tod is ready for the audience with new episodes. The series titled Palang Tod has already created a buzz and the interesting thing is that audience’s favorite Rajsi Verma is once again acting in ‘Damad Ji’. Rajsi Verma is a well-known name among the OTT audience today and she will now be seen in the lead role in Daamad Ji as well.

Damad ji Palang Tod

The story of a married couple with Rajsi Verma playing the role of mother-in-law is the real spice of the entire series. Husband and wife both work and come home from office in the morning only in the evening. There is no dearth of happiness and money in the house, but one day the husband meets with a small accident and gets injured. Now if the husband is unable to walk, then the wife takes leave from the office, but for how long?

So she calls her mother to look after her son-in-law.

Son-in-law’s mother-in-law i.e. Rajsi Verma comes home and takes care of son-in-law. The daughter rejoins the office. One day when the mother-in-law was passing by the son-in-law’s room, she heard some sound and when she looked inside through the window, her anger rose. She sees such a scene of the relationship between her daughter and son-in-law that a feeling of love for the son-in-law awakens in her mind.

Then days go by and the son-in-law starts getting better.

But the mother-in-law has now completely fallen in love with the son-in-law and wants to spend time with her own son-in-law. She wants to spend that moment with him where no third person comes between her son-in-law and herself. Well the twist is yet to come in the story and that is what you will get to see. This explosive series has been launched from 4th February and is being liked a lot. If you haven’t seen it yet, then watch it immediately and get lost in this storm of lost relationships.

Friends Ullu App has become very famous among the common people in the last 4 years.

And this is the reason that today people are ready to take its expensive membership as well and the charming and spicy series like Palang Tod have raised the temperature of the people and the biggest thing is that there can be no restriction on it because At present there is no board or any organization to ban it.

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Apart from Palang Tod, Ullu App has many other series

Which remains the subject of discussion among the people, such as extreme happiness, poetry sister-in-law. But the fame that Palang Tod has got is not received by any other series till now and a big reason for this is Rajsi Verma and her style which has made people crazy about her.

You can watch all these series very easily on your phone, laptop, or computer. How did you like this information, tell us in the comment.



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