Danto ko kaise chamkaye

Danto ko kaise chamkaye
Danto ko kaise chamkaye

Danto ko kaise chamkaye How to brighten teeth ? Friends, if any part of our body is giving pain or there is any problem, then we get very upset and start treating it as soon as possible. We take medicines, see the doctor, follow all the rules but when it comes to teeth, we miss out.

Till then we are not serious about teeth,

Unless the teeth start giving severe pain and when the teeth start giving pain, we see the doctor but by then the situation becomes serious. In fact, the way we pay attention to the cleanliness of our body daily by taking a bath, in the same way, we should pay attention to the cleanliness of our teeth on a daily basis so that the teeth can be protected from yellowness, blackness and worms and always shine like a pearl. in this article, we are telling you the ways to polish your teeth and keep your teeth always healthy.

Danto ko kaise chamkaye You read the given points carefully and follow them –

Ways to brighten teeth

Mixture of Eno with lemon –

Friends, lemon has always been considered for cleaning the teeth, so all you have to do is put half a teaspoon of Eno kept in the bowl in the house and make a mixture by adding lemon and then rub that mixture on the teeth with your finger. Is . The yellowing of the teeth will go away from the root.

Coal –

You must be wondering how black coal will lighten the teeth. But this recipe has long been the number 1 recipe for teeth whitening in our country. Remember, bring burnt charcoal from the market and bring it home, grind it in a grinder and then brush your teeth. You probably do not know that teeth are polished with coal powder in foreign countries.

Baking Soda and Salt –

Mixing salt in baking soda and brushing on the teeth removes the yellowness of the teeth and the teeth start shining like a pearl.

Mustard oil and salt –

If there is even a little bit of blackness in the teeth or if the teeth are getting black from the middle, then mix salt with mustard oil and apply it, even if there is a little bit of blackness in the teeth, it will go away forever.

Neem –

Nothing better than neem to whiten teeth. If you brush your teeth with neem teeth every morning or evening, then your teeth will always shine and your blood will also be clean.

Mint Leaves –

Friends, rubbing basil leaves on the teeth not only makes the teeth shine, but can never cause worms in the teeth because basil is anti-bacterial or you can also do this by extracting the juice of basil leaves and applying it to the teeth. And you can also rinse it which is very effective.

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Friends, try these methods just once in your life and keep repeating it for at least 1 month, you will see the shine of your teeth and the teeth will become strong and disinfected.


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