Dj Tillu Film Review

Dj Tillu Film Review
Dj Tillu Film Review

Dj Tillu Film Review Friends, a new film is released every week on Friday in India and it is not only in Hindi but also Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, and English. But very few films are such that they get printed in the hearts of the audience. Today, the audience likes very few films even masala films. But if seen, South Cinema has completely changed in the last few years.

Today South Cinema is not less than Bollywood or Hollywood in any respect. According to the latest surveys, South Cinema was the industry that did the most business last year. Bollywood was not even around him. A Telugu film was released on Friday, which is named – Dj Tillu.

What is special about Dj Tillu Film Review?

DJ Tillu is the story of a boy living in Hyderabad who plays music in small programs but the whole neighborhood calls him DJ Tillu. One day he falls in love with a girl and the story of romance begins. The chemistry between DJ Tillu and the heroine of the film is very good. The love angle of both of them is very much liked by the people and for today’s young generation also the director has coddled the spice of romance in the film.

In between the love story of Hero and Heroine, an incident happens with a DJ Tillu which happens because of his love. For the sake of his love, DJ Tillu commits crimes and by committing crimes, he gets trapped in the world of crime. There are lot of twists and turns in this story which will surprise you time and again. There is romance, comedy and action almost every half an hour in the film which does not let you get bored.

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Why to watch this film?

If you are fond of watching more romance and more action, then you will like DJ Tillu. Apart from this, those who like comedy or who like romance comedy will also like DJ Tillu.

Youth is liking DJ Tillu (Dj Tillu Film Review)

These days it is very difficult to make a film which has charm as well as love. But the director of the film Vimal Krishna has done this work very well. The love story of the Hero and Heroine in the film along with some of his wonderful romantic scenes which are attracting the youth towards him. Youth today wants to see romance in every film but in a different way and DJ Tillu has managed to attract the youth.

Now only time will tell that how big a hit DJ Tillu turns out to be. How did you like this movie review, tell by commenting.



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