Drishyam 2 movie

Drishyam 2 movie
Drishyam 2 movie

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Drishyam 2 movie Friends, Drishyam movie is once again in front of you with more suspense thriller than ever. The trailer of this film has become a huge hit as soon as it came out.

What is the story? Story Drishyam 2

The story is completely new and full of adventure. The same case is getting reopened in the story and the new team whose captain is Akshaye Khanna. All the actors have performed well in the story.

To know where the dead body is and whether will it be found by the police, In this part, it will be interesting to see how the police will get the truth out of Vijay and his family and will they succeed or will Sam’s murder remain a mystery. Meera has not yet forgotten Sam’s death nor does she want to forget it, the thing to be seen is that Akshaye Khanna has been assigned this role in this part.

drishyam 2 movie

The story starts from the previous story, Vijay and his family suspect the disappearance of the son of the IG of Goa and the police department is convinced of it. This part will reveal many new secrets.

Starcast Drishyam 2 ?

  1. – Ajay devgan
  2. – Tabbu
  3. – Shriya saran
  4. – Akshay khanna

Everyone has played their role very well in the film. While Ajay Devgan is trying to save his innocent family, the police and Tabu are after him. Movie Drishyam 2 movie

drishyam 2 movie

There are a lot of expectations from Drishyam 2 from the makers of the film to the people watching the film. It is the wish of the people that Drishyam 2 Box Office collection breaks all the records and ends the drought of Bollywood. Now it has to be seen how much business this film does.


Budget of Drishyam ?

2 – 10 crore

Drishyam 2 release date ?

18 November 2022

drishyam 2 movie

The entry of  Akshaye Khanna  in this film has made the story more interesting and that too from the side of Special Investing Agency. Sam-
daam, dand-bhed everything is being implemented, Akshaye Khanna dominates the whole film and Vijay’s family is also adamant on their words.

Although everything has been revealed in this part. Everyone has played their role very well in the film. While Ajay Devgan is trying to save his innocent family, the police and Tabu are after him.

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Story of Drishyam 2 ?

Drishyam 2 movie cover

The story revolves around Vijay Sargaonkar and his family. A new officer has been appointed to investigate Sam’s death and his body. Not only this, now Vijay and his family are being harassed in a worse way than before.

Apart from Ajay Devgan, the rest of the characters in the film are playing their respective roles. Some new people have come and done the work of adding charm to the story and the film and the rest have done better in their respective roles.

drishyam 2 movie Conclusion

The good thing is that while this film is being liked by the critics, the trailer of the film has also been liked by the people. Suspense lovers have high hopes from Drishyam 2.



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