Hair Care Tips In Hindi

Hair Care Tips In Hindi
Hair Care Tips In Hindi

Hair Care Tips In Hindi Hair fall has become a common problem today and people use different methods and treatments to prevent hair fall. But today this problem has become so acute that not only the elders but also the children and the young generation are troubled by it.

There are many people around us who lose their hair at the age of 25 and have to live in shame for the rest of their lives. Hair fall not only makes a person physically weak but it also hurts him mentally.

Hair Fall Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Such a person who has lost his hair at an early age remains a victim of inferiority complex in the society and he has to face it at every step. Recently two Hindi feature films ‘Bala‘ and ‘Ujda Chaman‘ have been made to highlight this topic.

It shows the kind of problems a person has to face due to hair fall at an early age. Even hair fall becomes a major reason for not getting married, whether you earn well or not.

Both men and women have this problem :-

Friends, it is not that the problem of hair fall bothers only men, women are also troubled by hair fall. According to a survey, every third woman in India is troubled by the problem of hair fall and about 67 percent of the people in the whole world are suffering from the problem of hair fall.

What is the reason for hair fall?

There can be many reasons for this – Hair Care Tips In Hindi

  1. Lack of vitamins in the body – When our body does not get enough protein and vitamins, it directly affects our hair. First the hair starts turning white and starts falling to some extent, but if the diet is not taken care of, then the hair starts falling completely.
  2. Use of different products – Nowadays there are different types of hair products in the market, such as shampoos, oils, waxes, gels, etc. But the thing to note here is whether all these have side effects or not. When the survey was done, about 85 percent of the people answered yes and said that due to all these products, the health of the hair has been affected badly. If they are used in a limited way then there will be no loss of hair.
  3. Frequent head washing – Nowadays, to keep the water clean and potable, different types of chemicals are added to it and we drink the same water by applying water purifier at home, but when it is time to wash the hair. When it comes, we use water directly from the water supply and all those chemicals go to the root of our hair and make their hold weak and gradually the hair starts breaking.
  4. Anxiety or Stress – Friends, worrying or taking stress affects the psychology of the body and there are chemical reactions within the body and one such reaction has a negative effect on our hair, due to which the hair starts breaking and Sometimes this stress causes so much damage that by the age of 25 or less, almost all hair falls from the head and new hair stops coming. So don’t worry or stress at all.

Hair Care Tips In Hindi What are the symptoms of hair fall?

The symptoms of hair fall are very simple and it is also very easy to identify them. Friends, wherever you sit, whether it is office, home or any other place, you will always see your broken hair around you. This is the first symptom of hair fall. Apart from this, every time you stroke your head, the hair will fall in your hands or around you. Another symptom of hair fall is that whenever you run your hand or comb your hair after taking a bath or without taking a bath in the morning, you will find that your head is visible between the hair and emptiness is visible in the middle. Hair Care Tips In Hindi

Do not ignore all these symptoms at all, all these are symptoms of hair loss and you should identify them in time.

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What is the treatment?

Friends, there are many remedies to stop hair fall. Sometimes Ayurveda is also useful in this, sometimes massage is also useful and sometimes some home remedies also prove to be very effective.

  1. Go Bald – If your hair is falling very fast then the doctor will first advise you to go bald because without shaving your head it is very difficult to cure from the root, so shave your head immediately.
  2. Take full care of food and drink – Take full care of your food and drink. Take protein, vitamins and calcium in food. If you have two meals, then definitely take pulses, roti, egg, bread, milk, green vegetables in it. This is the food that will keep your body and hair strong.
  3. Ayurveda Medicine – Friends, hair loss is treated in many ways in Ayurveda. It includes massage, diet and care.
  4. Wash your head only once a week – Friends, keep in mind that you should not wash your head everyday, because by washing your head daily, the roots of the hair become weak and if the water is too polluted, then there may be other damages to the hair. .
  5. Massaging hair with Amla oil one day – Do massage your head once a week and this oil should be completely of Amla. Keep in mind, don’t trust any market product. Order original Amla oil, drink Amla juice in the morning or eat Amla.

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