I can give up life but not Duryodhan

मैं जीवन त्याग सकता हूं पर दुर्योधन को नहीं
मैं जीवन त्याग सकता हूं पर दुर्योधन को नहीं

I can give up life but not Duryodhan Shri Krishna said in a very humble voice – O eldest Kaunteya, O Danveer Karna, you know everything, you know where is religion and where is unrighteousness.

Still you are supporting Duryodhana, why?

Tears welled up in Karna’s eyes and said – O Girdhar, O Nath of Triloki, victory is sure on that side only, I know this, and I also know that both my defeat and my life in the war of Mahabharata Will be defeated, but even then I cannot leave my friend Duryodhana. O Madhav, Duryodhana is not my Krishna, but I am definitely his Sudama.

I can give up life but not Duryodhana when everyone closed their doors for me and cursed me,

Then Duryodhana alone came forward, embraced me as a friend and made Anga the king of the country. O Govinda, I do not want the land of the limbs, nor the earth, I have to repay the debt of Duryodhana because I am indebted to him. My life and death all belong to Duryodhana, as long as I live, I will always find you standing between Duryodhana’s victory and defeat. It is not my ego speaking, it is my loyalty towards Duryodhana. You are the master of all the three worlds, you know everything, so don’t try to invite me to the Pandavas’ camp, it is not possible.

Krishna was listening to everything and smilingly said to Karna –

O Karna, you are not only Kaunteya, not only the son of Surya, but you are a great man and as long as this earth exists, your name will always be revered by mankind. But tell me that you are also a son, no matter what injustice Bua Kunti has done to you, but you will remain her son, so tell me, how can you kill your brothers.

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Karna was understanding everything and said –

I promise you Madhav, I will not kill any Pandava other than Arjuna but this earth will have to choose between me and Arjuna. 5 sons of Mata Kunti will be alive in any condition. Then Karna said – O Nath, you saved 4 Pandavas in just a few words, but don’t worry, even though I am with Duryodhana, I am firm in my vow, either Arjuna will be killed by me or Arjuna will kill him. I will be killed. I promise you this and then with folded hands, Karna asked Shri Krishna for permission to go.

Krishna said –

Hail to you always Karna, you will always be an inspiration and respected in the whole world because of your friendship, bravery and charity.

Say Radhe – Radhe.



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