The restlessness of the impotent honeymoon Yes, Ullu App has once again brought a hot story for its viewers. The name of the story is Impotent. This is because the story revolves around a man who is troubled by his masculine weakness.

There is such a tinge of beauty and lust in this story that it will give you restless nights. The game of kissing and beauty becomes so deep that the boy only sees beauty in the woman.

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Why to watch Impotent ?

If you are fond of watching hot and sexy stories and you are also fond of restless nights, then this episode is for you. Surrounded by beautiful women, a man who has reached the age of marriage but is not getting married.

Only then after a few days, a girl who cannot see comes to his office for an interview. He marries her and after that, he pours out all his lust on her.

Even the girl would never have had sexual pleasure, so she also enjoys a lot. But the thing to be seen is that in this confusion of bodies, something happens that blows the senses of the girl and a third person reveals to the girl the night spent with him.

kissing and the bed is warm

The episode is full of hot scenes. The game of kissing and flirting on the bed is shown in a very different way. The girl cannot see and the boy is anxious to have her body. Their honeymoon is special for both of them and both want to spend this honeymoon doing all that they have never done before.

The girl has never had sexual intercourse before whereas the boy is experienced and he completely satisfies the girl. The honeymoon of these two is filled with hot sighs and sobs and the beholder gets lost in the lap of these two.

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hot scene will blow your mind

Yes, the episode is packed with hot and raunchy scenes which are enough to set up a fun night. The intensity and eagerness between the girl and the boy to get each other’s body is the biggest angle of this episode. So far 6 lakh people have seen this episode and still this episode is being watched continuously.

The cast has also played their part very well, especially the women, so many hot and bold scenes are seen in a few episodes. So watch this fun game of love, impatience, uneasiness, lust today only on Ullu App.



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