jaya kishori biography

jaya kishori
jaya kishori

Who is Jaya Kishori?

jaya kishori biography Radhe-Radhe friends, in today’s article we want to introduce you to Jaya Kishori. Jaya Kishori is famous all over India today as a storyteller and bhajan singer. He has crores of devotees who also pray for him daily. Jaya Kishori ji’s real name is Jaya Sharma and she was born in a Gaur Brahmin family of Rajasthan. She was educated in Calcutta and since childhood she was drawn towards spirituality and devotion, so she went to Ramati in the same. jaya kishori biography

jaya kishori age how old is jaya kishori?

jaya kishori family
jaya kishori family

Jaya Kishori ji was born on 13 July 1995. His present age as on this date is 27 years. The fame that Kishori ji has gained while coming to this age is amazing.

jaya kishori age 13 July 1995
Birth Place Rajasthan
Father Name Shiv Sankar Sharma
Mother Name Soniya
Siblings Chetan Sharma
Marriage Unmarried
Education (शिक्षा)B.com
Residential place Kolkata
Age 27 years
School Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata
Details of jaya kishori

jaya kishori husband name?

jaya kishori husband name

No, these are all rumours. jaya kishori husband name Jaya Kishori has not been married yet and it is not that it is going to happen now because whenever it happens, Jaya Kishori ji herself will answer it.

However, nowadays some mischievous elements of the internet have started linking his name with many people. But the truth is that he is still unmarried.

jaya kishori income?

jaya kishori income
jaya kishori income

Friends, today Jaya Kishori ji not only earns as a storyteller (jaya kishori income) but also has her own YouTube channel, from which she earns at least 5 lakh rupees every month. Apart from this, Jaya Kishori also gives many live shows and motivation seminars privately, whose booking price is 3 to 4 lakhs. It is said that Jaya Kishori ji also has a cowshed where she also does the pious work of cow service. Overall, Jaya Kishori earns 15 lakhs in a month.

jaya kishori suvichar?

jaya kishori suvichar
jaya kishori suvichar

Friends, today many good thoughts of Jaya Kishori ji are available on the internet (jaya kishori suvichar) which you can keep in your mobile or laptop. Jaya Kishori’s popularity is increasing due to very poignant and true thoughts of life. He has his own team who constantly keep his discourses and his thoughts viral on the internet. These are such good thoughts that give a new direction to life and tell the true meaning of living life.

jaya kishori bhajan?

jaya kishori ke bhajan
jaya kishori ke bhajan

For your information, let us tell you that Jaya Kishori ke bhajan Jaya Kishori ji is at whatever stage today, a major reason behind that is the bhajans sung by her, which she sings among the devotees with full devotion and devotion. Many bhajans of Jaya Kishori are hits in internet and YouTube today. Lakhs and crores of people like these bhajans and listen them daily.

Friends, these are some of the hymns that every human being sings. Lord Krishna has special grace on Jaya Kishori ji and due to his blessings today Jaya Kishori ji has so much respect in the whole of India.

jaya kishori wikipedia

jaya kishori wikipedia
jaya kishori wikipedia

The most interesting thing about Jaya Kishori is that she has made such a big place at such a young age. jaya kishori wikipedia She fascinates millions, crores of people with her stories and hymns. Mother Saraswati resides in his voice and Brahma himself in his mouth. Jaya Kishori ji’s father whose name is Shiv Shankar Sharma is an ordinary person. His mother’s name is Sonia Sharma and he also has a sister. Apart from this, Jaya Kishori’s stories and her hymns are not only in India but all over the world. She has also done many foreign trips. Not only this, Jaya Kishori ji calls herself the supreme devotee of Lord Krishna.

Jaya kishori ji

Jaya Kishori ji (jaya kishori ji) is rich of luck as well as the best of karma. She not only recites stories but also runs a cow shelter. Many cows are leading a happy life in his cowshed. Jaya Kishori says that – There is no other service greater than cow service. Cow service means that you are serving Kanha yourself. Its fruit will wire all your past and future births.

Jaya kishori bhajan

Today, we devotees of Krishna carry Jaya Kishori’s hymns in their phones. (jaya kishori bhajan) His hymns keep rising in people’s mouths. Not only this, when Jaya Kishori ji herself sings hymns, her voice fascinates the mind and it is such a hypnosis that takes one into such a stream of devotion that destroys all sorrows.

Friends, Jaya Kishori often focuses a lot on the youth in her story telling because she knows that if the youth of the country remains focused then only the country can become a world leader. In the world of internet today, Jaya Kishori ji’s Instagram followers are more than 4 million, her YouTube channel subscribers are more than 18 lakhs. Not only this, Jaya Kishori ji also conducts many life changing seminars and seminars in foreign countries. There are lakhs of fans of Jaya Kishori ji in foreign countries, who worship her, believe her and like to listen to hymns from her lotus mouth.

Jaya kishori biography life introduction of jaya kishori

Jaya Kishori ji has special devotion on Shri Krishna and she has been singing hymns and telling stories of Krishna for years. Jaya kishori biography ji has achieved so much in this short age itself or rather Krishna ji himself has put his hand on her head. Jaya Kishori ji’s popularity is increasing day by day. Now big motivators and companies are calling them on their platform and with special respect they are asking them the art of living or the basic mantra.

Now the country’s famous motivational guru Sandeep Maheshwari ji has called him on his platform. Not only this, there are many businessmen, youtubers who want to invite him on their shows. jaya kishori biography

What are the qualifications of Jaya Kishori ji to be her husband?

jaya kishori
jaya kishori

As the age is increasing, like other common girls, the speculation about Jaya Kishori’s marriage has increased. Sometimes his name is being associated with Acharya ji of Bageshwar Dham and sometimes with someone else. So friends, I request all those people that please do not spread such rumours, it is not right. When this question was asked to Jaya Kishori ji, she could not say anything and was stunned but she has handed over this decision to her parents and said that there must be something special in the person marrying me. Like – he should have devotion, knows how to respect and does not hide anything about himself.

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