Joint Pain Ka Treatment

Joint Pain Ka Treatment
Joint Pain Ka Treatment

Joint Pain Ka Treatment Friends, today joint pain has become such a disease which is troubling both men and women equally. There is neither any age nor any time for this to happen. Today joint pain is the story of every other person.

In such a situation, people have become worried about going to the doctor and taking medicines. But people do not look towards Ayurveda, whereas only Ayurveda has its complete treatment.

In this article, we are telling you the causes of joint pain, symptoms, its treatment and some things for a healthy lifestyle.

What are the causes of joint pain ? Treatment Of Joint Pain

  • obesity
  • muscle wasting
  • excessive exercise
  • old age
  • hurt or injury
  • Some health related problems like arthritis etc.

What are the symptoms of joint pain?

  • stiffness in joints
  • swollen joints
  • joint tenderness
  • joint locking
  • pain in limb movement
  • weakness in joints

Which Ayurvedic medicines should be taken for joint pain?

Nirgundi oil

Daily massage of this oil gives great relief in joint pain. This is a tried and researched oil.


Crush celery after heating and consume it with lukewarm water. This will provide relief in knee pain as it has anti-inflammatory properties.


Friends, as the name suggests Dashmool means combination of 10 herbs. It comes in syrup, tablet and paste, which you can consume and apply on the joints.


Asparagus (Shatavari) is often used to give strength and energy to the body and hence it also gives strength to the muscles. That’s why take Shatavari before going to bed at night.


Ashwagandha not only strengthens the joints but also activates the body, so that joint problems do not arise and if anyone has this problem, then take Ashwagandha from the beginning, then joint pain will be completely cured. Joint Pain Ka Treatment

Make lifestyle changes to relieve joint pain

  • Eat moong dal and must drink milk
  • Eat green vegetables especially Parwal in vegetables.
  • always take a bath with lukewarm water
  • gentle joint massage
  • don’t let the joints get cold
  • get enough sleep

what not to do Treatment Of Joint Pain ?

  • Don’t eat too many pulses
  • don’t fast or fast
  • don’t do too much strenuous work
  • Avoid consumption of curd, buttermilk, black urad.

Apart from this what to do ?

  • don’t let your weight gain
  • apply an ice pack to the area where there is swelling or pain
  • Use a hot pad to compress the area of joint pain.

Must do yoga, like :-

  • Veerbhradasana,
  • Dhanurasana,
  • Setu Bandhasana and Trikonasana.

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