Kaya Palat Denge Yeh Yoga Aasan

Kaya Palat Denge Yeh Yog Aasan
Kaya Palat Denge Yeh Yog Aasan

Kaya Palat Denge Yeh Yoga Aasan These 5 Yoga Asanas Will Turn Your Body Friends, Yoga is a boon given by our gurus and sages which gives us relief from all kinds of physical and mental troubles forever.

Today not only India but the whole world has accepted the power of yoga and international promotion is being given to yoga. Today in this article, we will tell you 5 such yoga asanas which are the easiest to do and also the most effective for the body.

If you do these 5 yoga asanas regularly for 3 consecutive months

So there will be no headache, no gas, no sugar and neither kidney and heart diseases will touch you. You can do these yoga asanas while sitting at home or going somewhere. So let’s start –

Kaya Palat Denge Yeh Yoga Aasan


Friends, you must have often heard and used the name of Kapalbhati, but you do not know that Kapalbhati is best for your breath, throat, lungs, kidney and liver. After doing this, there will be that benefit which will not be achieved even by taking any medicine or going to any doctor or hakim. You have to do this asana for 15 minutes.

How to do ?

  • First of all, you should sit comfortably by doing latti-palti, after that, exhale lightly through the nose at an interval of every 2 seconds.
  • Remember, you do not have to exhale immediately, you have to exhale through the nose only at a gap of 2 seconds.
  • Your breathing process will be better, your throat will be clear, your lungs will be active and your kidney and liver will also be healthy.

Anulom Vilom

Friends, this asana will activate your brain and sharpen your concentration and your intelligence. This asana is done very comfortably, it is better if it is done somewhere in an open place or field. This will make your memory very sharp and you will never have the problem of headache in life.

How to do ?

  • First of all sit comfortably.
  • Now bring your hand to the nose and close one nostril with your one finger and slowly take a long breath through the other open nostril.
  • Now remove the finger from the hole which was closed and exhale slowly.
  • Along with this, close the hole from which you breathed earlier and then fill the breath from the one you had left.
  • You have to do this every morning for at least 15 minutes.
  • If you have headache, tiredness or half headache then it will never happen again in life.


Friends, it is known from the name of Bhastrika that this asana is about breathing. The effect of this asana is so tremendous that even the biggest problem of breath has been cured by doing this yoga. Apart from this, if the stomach is not clean in the morning, then by doing Bhastrika asana, that problem also goes away.

How to do ?

  • Friends, it is very easy to do Bhastrika Pranayama.
  • First of all, sit comfortably straight.
  • After this, slowly take a long deep breath through the nose and when the breath is full, slowly release it through the nose.
  • Some people leave the breath with open mouth which is wrong.
  • You have to release the breath filled through the nose only.
  • You have to do this continuously for 10 minutes.


Friends, stomach is not getting clean, constipation is forming, food is not being digested or liver and kidney have become weak, then Mandukasan is a solution for all these problems. Mandukasan is a panacea for all kinds of stomach and stomach related diseases.

How to do ?

  • First of all, you sit with your knees forward.
  • After this, join both your hands together and keep them on the stomach.
  • After this, push the upper part of the waist forward while sitting.
  • Both your hands should be on the right and left side of your stomach.
  • This happens that there is pressure on our kidney and liver and they become active.
  • To take out the dirt accumulated in the stomach, the pressure increases on them and the stomach becomes completely clean.


Friends, you have to do this asana while lying down, but the special thing about this asana is that it opens the nerves of every part of the body and activates them. Due to this, not only the waist, spinal cord but also urine and faeces become active. Due to stretching in the body, every cell of the body becomes active.

How to do ?

  • Bhujangasana is very easy.
  • You have to lie down on your stomach and keep both your hands on the level of your shoulders.
  • After this, slowly rise up with the help of hands and while taking the head up, pull the part above the waist upwards.
  • You will feel a stretch from feet to head but this asana will activate every cell and muscle of your body.

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Friends, if you do these 5 yogas in your daily life, then believe me, no disease can ever touch you. How did you like the article, tell us by commenting.



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