Khasi Balgum Ka Gharelu Nushka

Khasi Balgum Ka Gharelu Nushka
Khasi Balgum Ka Gharelu Nushka

Khasi Balgum Ka Gharelu Nushka Ayurvedic treatment for cough, phlegm and throat Friends, Ayurveda rests on three sources – Vata, Kapha, Pitta. Ayurveda says that a person whose body is free from these three diseases is completely healthy. But in today’s time it has become very difficult because along with wasteful lifestyle, air, water and food are also polluted.

If there are chemicals in water and food, then the air has become polluted in the same way and it is a challenge to remain healthy in such a situation. But even today Ayurveda is the only medical method which protects humans from all kinds of diseases and ailments. Similarly, today people are getting many types of diseases related to cough, Soar throat,

Khasi Balgum Ka Gharelu Nushka Let us know its causes, symptoms and its Ayurvedic treatment.

What is the reason?

  • air pollution
  • Consumption of cigarette, tobacco, gutkha
  • Allergies
  • bad diet
  • excessive intake of cold water
  • infection

What are the symptoms of throat problem?

  • sore throat all the time
  • black, yellow mucus from the throat
  • slurred speech
  • prickling sensation in throat
  • persistent sore throat
  • frequent colds

Friends, this problem seems very common to say,

But for those who suffer it daily, it becomes unbearable. Persistence of sore throat for 24 hours on one side and soreness on the other. There is no cure for this from the root except Ayurveda and you can get rid of this problem forever by adopting some easy home remedies.

So let’s go to the tips –

Mixture of ginger and honey

Any time twice a day, after burning a little ginger in honey and then dipping it in honey, keep it in your mouth and chew it lightly with your teeth and take juice of it and honey. Whatever sore throat you have, everything will come out.

Consumption of ginger and jaggery

If you have frequent cough and phlegm problem, then you can eat ginger with jaggery daily. It also cures cold and flu. All you have to do is heat the ginger a little in the stove and then rub it a little and then soften the jaggery a little and add it to the ginger. As soon as you eat this, your cough will stop immediately.

Onion and lemon juice

If mucus comes out of your mouth throughout the day or mucus accumulates in your chest, then onion and lemon juice will help you a lot. First peel and grind the onion, now add lemon juice to it and boil it. When it cools down for a while, add honey to it and lick it or drink it. All the mucus accumulated in your body will start coming out.

Honey with black pepper

This is a very old and very successful Ayurvedic recipe. Everyone has adopted this recipe. Black pepper has antibacterial properties, which increases the body’s immunity. Grind black pepper and put it in a bowl and add one spoon of honey on top. Mix it and then lick it with your finger. Your throat and soreness in your chest will go away and if the throat is hurting, it will also get immense relief.

Consuming Raw Turmeric

Turmeric is a very hot substance and hence turmeric is chosen as a remedy for cold and throat problems. Turmeric is an anti-bacterial substance which is a medicine for every disease of the body. That’s why turmeric is good for curing sore throat, sore throat and phlegm. Mix raw turmeric in milk and drink it every night, you will get relief.

Salt gargles in lukewarm water

Friends, the best way to clean any type of throat problem is – Salt gargles. All kinds of hard black mucus and phlegm will come out along with the root. Gargle with salt in lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, all the problems related to your throat will be solved.

Friends, how did you like the article, tell us in the comments so that we can bring the topics in front of you in a better way.


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