krishna leela

krishna leela
krishna leela

krishna leela Radhe-Radhe friends, there are many forms of Krishna Leela, out of which we have brought one context here for the devotees.

jarasandh Death? krishna leela

krishna leela

The meaning of Jarasandh is – which is connected with death, that is, even death cannot harm it. The king of Magadha had two queens, but both did not give birth to a son, even after trying for many years and seeing every doctor, the child was not born. One day the king came to know that a great saint has come in a distant forest, if he is worshipped, then a child will definitely be born.

The king of Magadha started wandering in the forest and at last he saw a saint. The king fell at the feet of the saint and started pleading. The saint felt pity and started chanting the mantra. As soon as the mantra was over, a mango appeared in the hands of the saint. The saint said – O king, feed this mango to your queen, you will definitely get a child.

The king bowed down to the saint and ran towards the palace.

krishna leela When the king reached the palace, he cut that mango into two parts and fed it to both the queens. Exactly after 9 months, both the queens were born, but when the children were born, everyone got scared. Both the queens gave birth to half children each.

When there is only one mango then how can there be two children. There was mourning again in the palace, the queens were in bad condition by crying. All the wishes of the king died and the king became dejected.

The king ordered to throw the child in the forest. The soldiers took half the children and went towards the forest and threw the children. After a while, a demonic named Zara passed by. He saw two children lying in pieces, his hunger became intense inside him and he picked up both half of the children to eat.

krishna leela

As soon as Zara Rakshasi took both the pieces of children in hand,

They suddenly joined and the child started crying. As soon as the demon tried to eat him, the child put his thumb in his mouth and roared. That roar was so fierce that the demonic woman immediately ran away from there to save her life.

When this news reached the palace, the queen’s affection was awakened and she told the soldiers to immediately bring the child to the palace. krishna leela

krishna leela Jarasandh is not two but one,

krishna leela

Jarasandh captured 100 kings to become immortal and agreed to sacrifice them. Lord Krishna along with Bhima and Arjuna reached Jarasandha and provoked him to a duel. Jarasandha agreed and a fierce battle took place between Bhima and Jarasandha. Krishna knew everything so he told Bhima to kill Jarasandha by tearing his body in the middle and throwing it in different directions. Bhima did the same and finally the killing of Jarasandha was completed.

Say Radhe-Radhe with love.


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