Kyu Behak Gayi Sunita

Kyu Behak Gayi Sunita
Kyu Behak Gayi Sunita

kyu behak gayi sunita Soon after passing 10th class, Sunita was sent to her maternal uncle’s house in Kanpur City. Here he got admission in a good school. Till now Sunita was studying in only girls school but this school of Kanpur was known for boys and girls. It was very good to study here. Sunita had now stepped into youth from her childhood and now she had reached that age in which most people wander – yes youth.

Kyu Behak Gayi Sunita As soon as Sunita joined the school on the first day, she became very nervous and silently went and sat in the class.

There were more boys than girls in the school and that too more handsome than one. Sunita was getting attracted towards him even without wanting to because she was studying with the girls till date. She was very confused and upset because she wanted to talk to boys but she was not able to talk to boys. One day when Sunita went to the bathroom she noticed that her underwear was wet, she was understanding why this was happening but she was enjoying it and the funny thing is that now her underwear is getting wet everyday.

Sunita had not seen so many boys at once and now she used to think only about the boys of her class day and night.

Sometimes some boy is loving her and sometimes someone is in her arms. Sunita wanted to realize all this in real life. Sunita was not able to stop herself even if she wanted to, Sunita’s every night was passing in dreams of different boys.

But as soon as the dream broke, she was just lonely, she was looking for a partner with whom she could live her golden days and fulfill her dreams. Sunita had reached the same stage of age where even a flower is ready to become a flower from a bud, it just needs a gardener who will take care of it.

kyu Behak Gayi Sunita Days passed and Sunita’s yearning was also increasing.

But she still wanted to make the most handsome boy of the school her boyfriend, but the boy she wanted was already in love with another girl in the school and that’s why Sunita could not cast any spell on him till now. .

Sunita’s nights were passing lonely and lonely, she just wanted to woo the boy of her choice by any means but there was no chance in sight from where she could get some help. Sunita used to get restless everyday but there was no way out, she was getting lost in trance day by day and now she wanted to feel that feeling in real life which is necessary for every woman but is Sunita on the right path. And was she doing all this right, because in this age the intelligence is a bit raw, if something goes wrong, Sunita’s future may be in danger. Excessive craving for anything is not good.

But Sunita did not care to think about all this, nor did she have any interest in all this.

She just wanted to satisfy her urge to feel what she wanted which was a big deal for her age. The feeling towards which she was pulling had become her compulsion that other boys were now understanding her weakness.

Sunita tries to woo her favorite boy everywhere on Facebook, Instagram,

Sometimes with mischievous words and sometimes with her bold acts, Sunita was trying to woo him, but he was caught in someone’s true love and did not look at anyone else. Then one day the English teacher had an accident in the school and she was badly injured. Now it was a week in the school, but there was no English class. In the English class everyone used to enjoy, talk to each other and have a lot of fun.

Then one day a young boy enters the class who is just 23 years old and has passed out from this school.

He was the best student of English in his time and always scored the highest marks. His name was Piyush and he entered the class wearing shirt and pant. He had a register in one hand and a duster in the other. Everyone fell silent seeing him and Piyush said – Hello class, my name is Piyush, I have come to teach you English for the next three months and I hope that you will support me. All the boys in the class were looking at Piyush with crooked eyes, while sighs were coming out of the mouths of the girls. Piyush was a fair skinned handsome guy and also worked in a good company, left his job for school and came here. Every girl was liking his style of dressing, way of talking and most importantly, he had money in his pocket.

Now everyday Piyush used to come to class and take English class but he had settled in Sunita’s eyes and Sunita used to drive him out thinking of him all night.

Sunita was not ready to accept that Piyush is her teacher even though she didn’t want to and all she had to do was start her love with Piyush. She started getting closer to Piyush and started hinting to Piyush on one pretext or the other that what she wanted. At first, Piyush found all this childish, but when Sunita shared a video of her with Piyush, Piyush was also moved, after all, he was also a boy and Piyush got attracted to Sunita’s style and kept getting attracted to her beauty.

kyu Behak Gayi Sunita Piyush sent an address to Sunita and asked her to reach this address at 1 o’clock.

When Sunita reached the address, she saw that Piyush was there and had consumed two pegs of liquor. Sunita understood that today she would fulfill her wish which she wanted to fulfill since many months and Piyush would definitely meet her today. Piyush slowly came closer to Sunita and started loving Sunita. Within no time, Piyush and Sunita were left wrapped in each other’s arms and both were feeling love for each other. Slowly all the limits were breaking and both were getting engrossed in each other’s company.

kyu behak gayi sunita

Both were feeling each other’s company and both were liking the comfort they were getting from this company.

Piyush had no idea that such a beautiful moment would come in his life and Sunita was seeing the fulfillment of her long-cherished wish.

The impatience started increasing, the heartbeat started getting faster, the emotions started rising with the heartbeats and this time of their meeting had completely dominated both of them.

Both were lost in each other and now both had reached that point of love from where they could not come empty handed.

Piyush left Sunita to dominate him and Sunita was also understanding this gesture of Piyush.

Drunk Sunita had done her job to attract Piyush, Sunita now sat hugging Piyush tightly. Sunita was experiencing all this for the first time, so she was spending time with Piyush in complete comfort and enjoyment.

Sunita was living those moments of love today which were the dreams of her life till date. That’s why she was giving full freedom to Piyush to love her as much as no one has done with anyone else. Because of this style, Piyush was now giving Sunita the pleasure of being a complete woman.

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