Liver Kidney Ki Samsya Dur

Liver Kidney Ki Samsya Dur
Liver Kidney Ki Samsya Dur

Liver Kidney Ki Samsya Dur Problems of Liver Kidney Friends, in today’s world only that person is healthy whose liver and kidney are fine, because as long as they remain fine, whatever a person eats, he definitely gets nutrition and he does not get any kind of disease. The immunity of a person is also related to his liver and kidney and due to these the body remains healthy.

But today many types of diseases are happening in kidney and liver, they are getting weak and behind this the unhealthy lifestyle of human being and its living conditions are responsible. Today in this article, we will tell you how to keep kidney and liver healthy and how to treat them with Ayurvedic remedies.

What to do to keep liver and kidney healthy?

  • eat amla
  • Take Chandraprabha Vati Churna with lukewarm water
  • drink neem leaves juice
  • drink the juice of peepal leaves
  • Boil neem bark and consume it

Liver Kidney Ki Samsya Dur What to eat to keep liver and kidney healthy?

  • egg
  • fish
  • Milk
  • blueberries with food
  • cabbage

How to clean kidney?

You boil 1 liter of water and then when it becomes drinkable, squeeze 2 lemons in it, mix some cumin and coriander in a glass, prepare a decoction at home and consume it. This decoction cleanses the kidney and liver immediately.

Apple is good for liver

Friends, if you want to keep the liver fit always, then eat apples. Pectin element is present in apple which removes the scum in the digestive system, cholesterol and stomach.

What to do to keep kidney healthy always?

  • cut sugar and exercise daily
  • eat a balanced diet
  • keep weight under control
  • Do not eat any intoxicant like alcohol, cigarette
  • drink plenty of water
  • Kidney check-up once a year

Which is the best kidney medicine?

3 medicines are considered best for kidney

  • Baidyanath Mukta Panchamrit Ras
  • Punarnava Mandur
  • Chandraprabha Vati

What to eat to keep the liver healthy?

  • Consume papaya daily in the morning and evening
  • Consume lemon with every pulse and vegetable
  • Eat garlic with every meal
  • Drink green tea instead of milk tea
  • Drink lukewarm milk mixed with turmeric every night before sleeping

To keep kidney and liver healthy and strong, always do some yoga asanas because they have great effect and will keep you healthy –

  • Kapalbhati
  • anulom-vihlom
  • Bhastrika
  • Mundak Asana
  • Mudra Asana
  • Bhujangasana

Friends, all these Yogasanas are very easy, you can learn them easily by watching them from TV or YouTube.

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Apart from this, friends, you have to change your lifestyle. You have to walk daily in the morning and evening, control your diet and diet, because you cannot be healthy until the kidney and liver are stressed, so take special care of the liver and kidney.



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