Mastram kahani

Mastram kahani
Mastram kahani

Sangeeta’s unfulfilled wish

Mastram kahani Sangeeta had completed 25 years of age but till date she had not come in contact with any boy or have a boyfriend. It was not that the wind of youth did not touch her, but she was always in a favor of love and wanted to start her journey with a sweet decent boy, but in today’s world, true love are found only by lucky girls. And the boy who would give love and support was no where to be seen.

Mastram kahani Sangeeta’s parents were getting boys’ Marriage offers

But Sangeeta want love marriage, and she wanted to feel that feeling of love which she had not felt till now. She also wanted to enjoy the arms of her lover for hours. She wanted someone to hold her. Some may call him from the heart, some may hug him tightly. She was not ready for marriage yet. Sangeeta’s friends were either getting married or others had boyfriends. Sangeeta would go crazy on seeing him and this was just the beginning of her feelings.

Sometimes Sangeeta used to see her friends talking about love and sometimes to enjoy love and their talks, but she herself didn’t had any such experience till now.

Sangeeta was looking for a boy on whom she could spend her time and who would forget himself and love her unconditionally. Take care of her, tolerate her crying and laughing and when she gets angry, convince her too. But it is difficult to find such a boy in today’s world.

Mastram kahani One day Sangeeta came home from outside and started looking at her Facebook while lying on the bed.

She sees that a handsome guy named Vishal has sent her a friend request. When she opened Vishal’s profile, she saw that Vishal is a rich boy and has to visit many big places. Sangeeta felt that this request might have come by mistake, so she have removed it immediately. Mastram kahani

But after a few days when the same request came again

So Sangeeta accepts him and sees that Vishal has sent her a message and it is written – Hello, my name is Vishal, I want to know about you, will you be my friend?

  • Sangeeta thought a lot and then replied to the message – Yes, speak.
  • After a while Vishal came online and said – Actually the thing is that I saw you with one of my friend, you didn’t notice me but you are very cute and beautiful.
  • Sangeeta – Thank you but I don’t understand your motive, although Sangeeta was understanding what all Vishal’s intentions were and why he was increasing the conversation with Sangeeta.
  • Vishal – Let’s meet somewhere, please

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Don’t know why but Sangeeta said yes.

Vishal’s message came again after a while at around 9 o’clock in the night and he told the place and time of meeting to the Sangeeta.

Now Sangeeta could not, because if she refused now, questions would have arisen on her and the truth was that Sangeeta had been waiting for a man for a long time, she thought who could be Vishal. Win the heart

The next day both reached the meeting place at the right time and both greeted each other and then both sat in a quiet lonely place.

  • Vishal – Sangeeta, thank you that you came here and gave me time
  • Sangeeta – no there is no such thing, you tell
  • Vishal – Look, today is our first meeting so I will not lie anything. I saw you with my friend Rashmi, maybe she is your friend too.
  • Sangeeta – Yes, very old.
  • Vishal – Yes, and believe me, I have not slept nights since I saw you. While awake, your face remains in front of my eyes and now I do not feel sleepy, I have probably fallen in love with you. Mastram kahani

Mastram kahani Sangeeta’s happiness knew no bounds.

She was feeling that happiness from inside which she was waiting for many years.

It was happening as she wanted and it was not that Vishal was not good looking, Vishal was a handsome young man and he love’s Sangeeta a lot and he removed all the confusion of Sangeeta by saying that he is with her. And loves her a lot,

  • Sangeeta – Hey, how come, today we are meeting for the first time, how did love happen without meeting, though Sangeeta only wanted Vishal to bow down before her and express love by bowing down and fill her in his arms.
  • But she was able to control all these emotions.
  • After talking for a while, Vishal asked Sangeeta to go and have something to eat.
  • Sangeeta – yes come on.
  • Both of them had dinner at a restaurant and after that Vishal left with Sangeeta to drop her off.

In the end, both of them waved each other bye-bye, but for Sangeeta, this day was like the fulfillment of an unfulfilled dream which she wanted to fulfill since many years. But Sangeeta had no inkling of what was going to happen next.

In fact, apart from being huge, rich and handsome,

he is a play boy who used to play with girls heart and feelings. When it comes to Rashmi and Vishal, Rashmi bets Vishal that she has a friend named Sangeeta and if Vishal gets her, then Rashmi will give Vishal 5 thousand rupees and if Vishal loses, he will give 5 thousand rupees to Rashmi. But Sangeeta was hungry for love, she was searching for such a partner for herself who would give her only love and only love. Mastram story

She didn’t even know that she was nothing but a part of a bet.

Gradually, Vishal came closer to Sangeeta and the distance between the two kept reducing. Vishal made a place in Sangeeta’s heart and started loving Sangeeta. Now that love which was testifying of the heart, the fire of that love was now burning in both the hearts. Sangeeta and Vishal started meeting regularly and started calming each other down about everything that was happening between them. There was no distance between both of them. Sometimes the situation became uncontrollable, at that time Sangeeta could not even control herself on feelings. Vishal fall in love with Sangeeta.

Mastram kahani One day Vishal came with his car and told Sangeeta that today we are going for a long drive.

Sangeeta was already ready and both left for the car long drive. When both reached half way, it started raining very heavily, the way ahead was also not visible. The wipers of the car were helpless, so Vishal had to stop the car at one place. There was a small market at some distance and there was a luxurious hotel in the middle of that market. Vishal and Sangeeta sat holding each other’s hand in the car and kept looking into each other’s eyes. Don’t know what happened to Sangeeta suddenly, she got up from the seat of the car and hugged Vishal’s arms. Vishal completely took Sangeeta in his arms. Mastram kahani

She was hugging Vishal,

And was feeling Vishal’s fragrance and was loving him immensely. Vishal remained silent for some time but after that Vishal slowly started giving Sangeeta the sign of love. All the barriers of dignity started breaking, there were into each other completely. Strange heat spread inside the car. nothing was seen inside the car due to heavy rain. The process of loving each other endlessly continued between the two.

Sometimes Vishal would hug Sangeeta and sometimes Sangeeta tight hug Vishal.

A love affair had started between the two. Now they both like each other and now both had reached that point of relationship from where it was impossible to come back or stop. The limits of love and affection were being crossed, now it was yet to come out. Only then the climax of this union came between thy both. Mastram story

Now for some time both of them kept lying in each other’s arms inside the car and after a while both of them went back as soon as the rain stopped.

The relationship that had formed between Vishal and Sangeeta was a mixed feeling of love,

it was just the passion of youth. Today, Sangeeta realize that it was just feeling that she loved and enjoyed that part of time with vishal Mastram kahani


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