Patra Petika New Webseries

Patra Petika New Webseries
Patra Petika New Webseries

Patra Petika New Web series Ullu App viewers are going to have a new spice in front of them very soon. Ullu App will launch its new series Patra Petika on the coming 25th of March which looks very bold and attractive. The trailer of the episode has been released on YouTube which is very captivating and has crossed 11 million views so far.

Ullu is releasing its new episode every time, this time also with the mood to increase the heartbeat of the audience. This latest episode of Ullu App brings with it a fun and engaging storyline coupled with romantic scenes that Ullu App has always been known for.

Why watch Patra Petika New Webseries?

If you have been watching the previous series and episodes of Ullu app, then you will definitely love Patra Petika as it contains great story line, bold scenes and bold acts which will make you fall in love with it. Also includes full fledged desi romance which you will feel connected to. If you like desi romance and Betaabi then this episode is for you.

What is special in?

Like every funny and bold story of Ullu, this episode is going to be very bold and not only that, you will see kinds of romance in it. The story of a wife to get her first husband and love story with the postman till the husband does not come and this makes this story more interesting. One woman with two men, love tringangle story.

If you want to see the love trinagle story then this episode – Patra Petika is for you.


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