Peshab Me Jalan Aur Dard Ka Ilaj

Peshab Me Jalan Aur Dard Ka Ilaj
Peshab Me Jalan Aur Dard Ka Ilaj

Peshab Me Jalan Aur Dard Ka Ilaj Treatment of burning sensation and pain in urine Friends, be it a woman or a man, nowadays it has become very common to have burning sensation and pain while urinating, but be careful, it is very serious and if there is burning or pain while urinating If it is, then it is an initial symptom. This is an indication that there is a problem in the stomach or in the stool or urinary tract.

In today’s article, we will tell you the reason for burning sensation in urine and some easy herbal home remedies to cure it, which you can easily do at home, so let’s start.

Urination and pain treatment

What are the reasons?

  • urinary tract infection
  • drug side effects
  • kidney stone
  • vaginal infection
  • sexually transmitted
  • body dehydration
  • Excessive consumption of chilli-masala and junk food

What is herbal home remedies ? Urination and pain treatment

Friends, there are some very easy ways to get instant relief from any kind of burning sensation or pain in urine which you can try –

Coconut water

Friends, regular use of coconut water for a week will not only fulfill the lack of water in your body, dehydration, but also give you relief from all kinds of irritation and pain.


Yes friends, this is the same cardamom that we often use in tea, but you do not know that cardamom consumption is a great remedy for burning sensation in urine. The effect of cardamom is such that it creates freshness and coolness in the body.

For this, you can also consume cardamom in tea and if you do not drink tea, then you can consume cardamom by putting it in lukewarm milk or if you want, you can simply chew cardamom.

Lemon and Mint

Everyone knows that lemon and mint are very cooling and very relaxing. Both of these are often used in cold drinks found in every bar or club because they are substances of very cold effect and this is the reason why they are known to immediately calm the burning sensation in urine.

Whenever you feel burning sensation in urine, make lemon water and drink it immediately, in which mint should be in good quantity. It will not only remove the burning sensation of urine, but also remove all kinds of infections arising in urine.

Green vegetables and fruit juices

Yes, you have to keep drinking the juice of the fruits that come according to the season and give it to other people in the family as well. Along with this, you also have to consume green vegetables.

These will not only strengthen your abdomen and lower abdomen, but will also make you free from burning sensation in urine forever.

Must try this too

Friends, you have to grind 5 to 6 cardamom seeds and keep it mixed with half a teaspoon dry ginger powder, then drink lukewarm water with a little rock salt and pomegranate juice in it.Be it urine infection or any other problem in urination, it will get rid of all kinds of problems. Peshab Me Jalan Aur Dard Ka Ilaj

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