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Pet Kaise Saaf Karen
Pet Kaise Saaf Karen

Pet Kaise Saaf Karen Friends, the lack of cleanliness of the stomach has become a headache for the people of the whole world today. According to a survey, every third person in this world is suffering from some or the other stomach ailment and it all starts with not having a clean stomach. If the stomach is not clean, gas, lethargy, fatigue and weakness remain. Apart from this, there is no confidence to go among people and face them.

To clean the stomach, people keep visiting doctors, keep taking medicines, but do not get any relief.

It will be fine for 2 days, then the situation becomes the same, but in Ayurveda, there is a cure for it from the root, but people do not adopt it, because it does not work at all, but believe me friends, the treatment will be from the root.

Friends, there is no need to explain why constipation occurs, what are the disadvantages caused by it.

In this article, we will tell you about how to clean your stomach, how to keep your stomach healthy, what to eat, what not to eat and what to keep in mind. In this article, we will tell you those Ayurvedic home remedies by which you will never have constipation, gas or acidity in your life, so let’s start.

Pet Kaise Saaf Karen What measures should be taken to clean the stomach in the morning?

  • drink two glasses of lukewarm water
  • drink aloe vera juice
  • If you are having gas then take ajwain with lukewarm water.
  • Eat peppermint, peppermint relieves problems like constipation, indigestion and indigestion.
  • Squeeze lemon in lukewarm water and drink it in the morning.

What to do if poop is not coming out in the morning or the whole day?

  • Start consuming whole grains.
  • Eat porridge, porridge and drink juice and water
  • Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible
  • drink more water
  • Exercise should be done in the morning and evening, such as running, doing yoga or walking
  • eat fat rich food

Why is the stomach not clean?

Friends, first of all you should know that a major reason for constipation is due to disturbance in the time of eating and drinking. People who drink less water, drink less juice or do not drink at all, they have more constipation problem. People who don’t get enough sleep, stay awake all night and don’t get enough sleep, they have a lot of difficulty in clearing their stomach.

Which fruits clean the stomach?

  • Apple
  • Papaya
  • Guava
  • Orange
  • pear
  • Kiwi

What are the ways to get rid of constipation immediately?

  • Consume Triphala with lukewarm water or milk before sleeping at night.
  • Eat raw fruits as much as possible.
  • Add 1 spoon of ghee in lukewarm milk before sleeping and drink it.
  • Take fiber rich food like fresh fruits, green vegetables and oats.

How to improve and increase digestion power?

  • Whenever you drink, drink lukewarm water. Cold water cools the digestive fire.
  • Always eat things rich in Vitamin-C.
  • Never overeat, always leave some space.
  • Always eat food by chewing it so that the food is fine and there is no pressure on the digestive system.

Pet Kaise Saaf Karen What should not be eaten if there is a problem of gas, indigestion, acidity or constipation?

  • fried or junk food
  • sweet
  • sodium
  • milk and milk products
  • pain killer
  • coffee Tea
  • sitting or lying down for long periods of time

Tell us by commenting how you liked the article, so that we can come up with better treatments and remedies.



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