Phone bhoot movie

Phone bhoot movie
Phone bhoot movie

Phone bhoot movie watch online Phone bhoot movie hindi free movie 2022 movie 480p 720p 1080p Hindi Horror comedy movie movie

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Who are the artists?

Phone bhoot star cast
Phone bhoot star cast

Katrina Kaif has spread her hotness and boldness in the film. Inside the film, along with horror comedy, you will also get to see the tadka of boldness. The songs of the film are also hummable and item numbers are also given in the film. Jackie Shroff plays the role of the villain and the tinge of horror in the comedy is due to his presence. Siddhant and Ishaan have improved their comedy timing along with acting which can be clearly seen in the trailer.

Phone bhoot Movie Cover

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What is the story?

The story begins with two boys who start seeing ghosts and spirits before which they get scared and start seeing strange things. Then there is the entry of Katrina Kaif, whom both of them fall in love with, but Katrina is a mysterious girl, who gets to know about the interval and after that Katrina tells the purpose of her arrival, which gives an emotional touch to the film and gradually The curtain rises on a mystery.

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