Puroosh Samasyaon Ka Ayurvedic Ilaaj

Puroosh Samasyaon Ka Ayurvedic Ilaaj
Puroosh Samasyaon Ka Ayurvedic Ilaaj

Puroosh Samasyaon Ka Ayurvedic Ilaaj Ayurvedic treatment for male problems Friends, today’s food habits, lifestyle and life are so unhealthy and tiring that after 30 years a person starts to loose completely. His physical energy starts getting weak and he is not able to enjoy his married life to the fullest. Many consequences emerge from this, such as – the relationship between husband and wife does not go well, the wife remains under stress,

Puroosh Samasyaon Ka Ayurvedic Ilaaj

The man feels tired and weak and then the mental stress also increases due to which diseases start surrounding him.

In such a situation, he takes expensive and heavy medicines which harm him further and spoil the internal organs of his body. So it is only Ayurveda that can get him out of this monotonous and tiring life and give him an energetic, healthy and blissful life.

In this article, we will tell you about some hidden problems of men and its Ayurvedic treatment.

What is the reason for tiredness and weakness in men?

  • poor diet
  • take more stress
  • Use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs
  • don’t get enough sleep
  • depression or overthinking

What are the symptoms of weakness in men?

  • lack of interest in sex
  • constant exhaustion
  • low energy – less laughter
  • smile less or be happy
  • low sperm count
  • premature ejaculation

These are some of the symptoms which are often seen in men today after marriage and due to these the joy goes away from their married life and tension remains.

Let us know, how to remove it in Ayurvedic way :-

These are some Ayurvedic treatment

Make a mixture

Make a mixture of Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Safed Musli, Kaunch Beej, Amla powder and consume this mixture with lukewarm milk every night before going to bed. You will start seeing miraculous results within a month.

Premature ejaculation

This problem is faced by almost every man today who is suffering from some or the other secret problem. Early exit of semen or continuous ejaculation has become a problem for many men for years and there is no result even after seeing the doctor. But there is a sure cure for it in Ayurveda. First of all, don’t consume tea, coffee and spicy things.

Men who have more energy in their body, have more heat, they have this problem a lot.

Ayurveda says that such people should consume curd, mint and things with cold effect. Men should drink 20 ml Ushirasav half an hour after the morning and evening meals. Apart from this, two tablets of Chandraprabha Vati are to be taken half an hour after the meal. You will find Ushirasav and Chandraprabha Vati at any medical store in the form of Patanjali, Divya and Baidyanath.

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Lack of sex drive

Sex drive or desire is not the same in every type of man. The main reasons for lack of sex drive are poor eating habits, lack of sleep and consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants. These works stop by suppressing the excitement.

Men are never able to talk openly on this subject, but it is true that a man whose sex drive is less, his relationship with his wife is never good. In such a situation also treatment is available.

Take brahmi powder with lukewarm milk every morning and evening on an empty stomach and keep taking triphala with lukewarm milk.

Thickening of semen

Friends, if you want your semen to become thicker and thicker, then stop taking stress and work with a free mind.

Apart from this, eat dates and drink milk at night. Along with this, eat green vegetables, pulses, eggs and sometimes fish throughout the day.This food will also thicken your semen and give more than before.

So friends, how did you like the article, do tell us, so that we can come up with more better topics.



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