Purush Me Kya Dekhti Hai Aurat Aur Ladki

Purush Me Kya Dekhti Hai Aurat Aur Ladki
Purush Me Kya Dekhti Hai Aurat Aur Ladki

Purush Me Kya Dekhti Hai Aurat Aur Ladki Friends, every man is eager to know how to attract girls or women to him which is a very difficult task. It is certain that every woman or girl cannot be attracted to every man, but still there are millions of men in the world who are liked by women and girls in almost every way. The thing to be seen is what are the things that girls like the most.

What girls want to see in a man.

What do you see in men and women :-

Purush Me Kya Dekhti Hai Aurat Aur Ladki In this article we will tell you about those things which every woman is attracted to seeing in a man.

Physical Strength and looks

Friends, remember if someone tells you that external beauty does not matter, then he is fooling you. 97 percent of the women are first attracted to the physical appearance of the man. If your body is in good shape, belly is not sticking out and your face is radiant, then any woman will be easily impressed by you. So work on your body.

How to dress

Friends, remember your clothes are your identity. Whatever you wear, it shows how you are from inside. If your dressing sense is good then any woman sitting near you will think that you are a happy person and if you have no attention to yourself, no matching or no attractiveness in clothes then it shows that you are a desperate and boring person. And this is for both men and women. That’s why always choose good clothes and wear them properly.

Way of talking

Talking to any woman just in 2 minutes, you can know what kind of person you are because the language coming out of your mouth and your way of talking is your biggest strength which attracts any woman towards you. By talking, any woman can understand how safe she is with you and whether she likes your company or not.

Be patient, don’t act impatient

Friends, the more seriously you take this matter, the more it will be beneficial. No woman is attracted to a man in whom she looks impatient, quite the opposite. If you want to give attention to any woman, then keep a little distance from her. If he is working with you, studying or giving you attention then never lose your patience in the beginning because if you have done this then it is 100% sure.

Speak less, listen more

Any girl or woman is not interested in what is going on in your life rather she is attracted to a man who likes to listen to her. If this is a quality inside you, then believe the truth, every woman is ready for you. There is a basic psychology of women that they always like to tell about themselves and their life but if you do not listen to her and go on telling your own then it will harm you a lot and you will never be able to connect with any woman.

Friends, it is very important for men to understand the psychology of women and work on it instead of being engrossed in their passion. How did you like this article, do tell by commenting.


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