Raat Ke Yatri

Raat Ke Yatri
Raat Ke Yatri

Raat Ke Yatri Night Travelers The month of December means severe cold in Delhi and to avoid this cold, whether you wear warm clothes or create heat by lighting a fire, the cold will not leave you. But I did not know that the cold this time would fill me with warmth. My name is Varun, I have been living in Delhi for the last 4 years and I got vaccinated here because of my job, otherwise I never come here from UP. I don’t have anyone here and I don’t like the fast culture here, but there are so many colors here that pull you towards them.

Clubs, bars and girls for alcohol are enough to distract you in big cities like Delhi. I had come to Delhi from home thinking that by staying here for a few years, I would earn money, then I would come back to my home and do something while staying here, but at what point in life what might happen to you is never known.

Raat Ke Yatri Yes, it is another matter that what happened to me was more fun and less punishment.

I live in a rented house in Mehrauli area of ​​Delhi and work in Gurugram. My company is very big and about 500 people work in it. Separate departments and people have been kept for each work and the whole office is full of beautiful and beautiful girls. Girls are also such that I have never seen even in my dreams and wearing such tight and bold clothes, they come to the office, even the most strict person melts. One such girl is – Richa, who is very beautiful and attractive to look at. Richa has all those qualities on seeing which a man gets attracted towards a woman. Richa is from Punjab and who doesn’t know about the girls of Punjab.

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Most bold, cool and beautiful.

Richa is also working here after coming from Punjab and lives on rent in Gurugram itself. I am so lucky that the girl I liked in the entire office is in my team and we get along well. Otherwise leave aside meeting, I don’t even have the luck to speak. But I have only one problem, I am not as bold as Richa but once I open up then no one can stop me.

Richa did not know this and this became the biggest reason for our meeting. Richa liked this quality of mine and she and I became good friends. But working together is one thing and loving is another. I used to find excuses to be near Richa and talk to her one way or the other because I knew that even though there is a line of boys behind Richa, the girl gets the boy who stays closest to her.

Had I fallen in love with Richa, it would have been a different matter.

As soon as I saw him, like lava started erupting inside me. Richa’s body was so tight and tight that I could not take my eyes off her. Richa could not hide the features of her body even if she did not want to and here Richa was showing them to the world. The temperature of the men in the entire office was on the rise, everyone was trying to impress Richa but I knew that Richa would not come in such a bus. The beginning has to be made with friendship and once you become friends, then it will not take time to complete the work. 

I took a second hand car and went to office with it.

  • Richa saw me under the office and said – oh boy, have bought a new car, what’s the matter? 
  • I said – oh no man, it is second hand.
  • Richa – so what, a car is a car 
  • I said – yes man
  • Richa – But how did you take it all of a sudden?
  • I said – suddenly where, I have been making up my mind since last year but haven’t been able to get it yet. 

I avoided Richa by saying this but did not tell the real reason because the car was a great way to reduce the distance between her and me. I was doing rabbit tricks, I didn’t even care that there were ten other guys trying out Richa, I was just upping my game. Raat Ke Yatri

Now it’s office holiday and I started going in the car, I saw Richa waiting for the cab.

  • I rolled down the car window and said – what happened? 
  • Richa – nothing 
  • I said – then why are you standing here
  • Richa – waiting for the cab 
  • I said – ok bye, and I left from there. 

You must be wondering why I did not ask to sit in the car.

So his answer is that any girl you like and want to make your own, then you have to keep in mind that you have to bow down to the extent that your respect remains because any girl can make you a friend. But she chooses for herself the one who has some guts, who also believes in herself. 

Richa saw me again the next day and now I didn’t even open the car window and I left straight away. After this it went on like this for about a month and then suddenly one day it happened that when I was leaving, Richa came in front of the car at the gate of the office and said – Hi, today the cab is not available, will you drop me? 

  • I said – where to go 
  • He said – Sector 32
  • I said – no I am not going there, yes but I will leave the metro station.
  • Richa’s mouth became and said – ok, leave it there 
  • What was it then, the game was going exactly according to me. I dropped Richa on the metro and when Richa started getting down I said wait 
  • Richa – what happened Varun
  • I said – it is 9 o’clock and it is also looking deserted, I will drop you home Raat Ke Yatri

Richa’s face lit up and she started looking at me with gazing eyes.

Now I was driving and Richa was just looking at me with blank eyes but I was concentrating all my attention on the song. In the meantime, I put on a romantic song and there was a vibe in that song, a call that was giving a new name to the relationship between a man and a woman, something happened to Richa from the song, she started feeling something. But today all I had to do was come to Richa’s house and she thanked me and said, come inside, go after drinking tea. 

I said – then some other time I left.

The next day Richa kept talking to me in the office the whole day and I saw a twinkle in her eyes for me. Now it started happening that 2 times a week I started dropping her off at Richa’s house and from there she started coming back after consuming alcohol or food. Meanwhile, I thought of a new trick. I spread the word in the office that I am looking for a house and if someone can get me a good house on rent, he can stay there. This thing reached Richa’s ears and she came to me and said – Are you looking for a house in Gurgaon?

  • I said yes what happened 
  • Richa – so why didn’t you tell me 
  • I said – because girls don’t have much knowledge in all these matters, that’s why I didn’t tell.
  • Richa said – How did you think like this, come on no problem, tell me, where do you want and how much is the budget. 
  • I said – Friend, the budget is not much, I am looking for a partner who can share the room.
  • Richa said – Where I live on rent, I will get a good flat in a reasonable budget.
  • I said – for how much will you get it?
  • Richa – in 8 thousand
  • I said – my budget is not more than 5 as the car and other things have to be taken care of.
  • A mischief flashed in Richa’s eyes but she did not say anything at that time and sent a message on Snapchat at night.
  • Richa – Hi Varun, if you don’t have any issue then you can share the room with me, the rent is 8 thousand, so it will be in 4-4 thousand. You benefit as well as me.

There is no place for my happiness.

The fish got trapped in the net but I did not show any hurry and sent a message – I will tell after thinking.

  • Richa – yes, ok 
  • Then for the next 4 days I didn’t respond and messaged Richa on the fifth day night – ok, we’ll share.
  • Richa – Perfect, come, when will you come
  • I said – today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday. I shift to Saturday because then I can rest on Sunday.
  • Richa – Ok, come.

I came to Richa’s flat on Saturday at 10 am and started shifting things.

Now every distance and gap between Richa and me has reduced. I had understood that Richa is completely attracted towards me and now just seeing a right opportunity, I will establish that relationship with Richa, which will cross all limits between Richa and me and then every night will be colorful. . Now me and Richa started coming and going to office together in my car in the morning. Then after reaching home, we had to eat, drink and stay together and everything from rent to rent was being divided equally. Now a days I have Raat Ke Yatri

  • Told Richa – Richa close the door, I am going out, it will take 2 to 3 hours.
  • Richa – where are you going?
  • I said – today I feel like going on a long drive sitting in the car.
  • Richa – so what alone?
  • I said – yes, now I am going alone, if you feel like it, you can come.
  • Richa held the key of the house and said, come on. 
  • Just, I had already kept beer in the car. We sat in the car and left. 
  • I said to Richa – please open that box 
  • Richa opened the box and said – wow, beer 
  • I said – drink man, tonight is going to be very long and beautiful.

Richa opened the beer and gave it to me and we both started drinking the same beer again and again.

It was fine till three beers but now Richa had become inebriated and started babbling. I also started feeling a little intoxicated and now the time has come for which I was waiting for the last several months. I parked the car after seeing a nice and safe place and now both of us are comfortably drinking beer on beer. 

  • Richa – From yaar, you are very sweet 
  • I said – so what will you eat 
  • I was in full mood and Richa started looking at me.
  • Richa – I wish I could eat, but yes, if I feel like it, I will definitely eat it. 
  • I said – it’s not that easy

Richa didn’t look back, kissed me on the lips and continued to do so.

At first I felt very strange but after some time my body felt like electricity and I also became hot. After that the temperature of the vehicle started heating up. Every corner of the car started echoing with the sobs of both of us kissing. I had never experienced such lip sync and tug of war before. I was dominating Richa and she was dominating me. Don’t know what was filled inside Richa that she was not taking the name of stopping. I had understood that today itself all the boundaries are going to be broken. I put the back seat of the car and lay down on the back side. Raat Ke Yatri

Richa’s hot sighs started meeting my hot sighs and a different relationship was being established between us. Love was welling up in his eyes and every part of his body started aching. She was moving and trembling as well, I had understood that now my work starts from here and her yearning and trembling had made me restless.

Raat Ke Yatri I immediately let Richa dominate me

And Richa was doing whatever was coming in her mind. Don’t know for how many years all this was filled inside him. She wanted to get completely lost in me today. He put his hand inside my shirt and she fainted. The evening of our meeting had come and I had all the weapons to kindle this fire. I was only supporting Richa, Richa was doing the rest. She was riding me and I was making her ride to heaven.

Sometimes she used to tuck her hair upwards and sometimes she would put her hands on my chest.

Richa was swinging and I was swinging her. Richa was enjoying swinging and I was enjoying swinging. Both of our eyes were completely closed. We both just wanted to get lost in each other and got lost. We didn’t know when this night would end. I didn’t want the night to end and neither did what was happening between us. Richa was calling my name again and again and was looking at me with loving and desperate eyes. Now neither she wanted to escape nor did I. Richa never thought that I would take her on a night trip she would never forget. Raat Ke Yatri



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