Romantic stories

Romantic stories
Romantic stories

Romantic stories Rakhi has just passed her 10th class and her alcoholic father, greedy for money, has arranged Rakhi’s marriage to a 40-year-old man named Ram Kumar Vajpayee. Bajpayee ji is a rich man who has a lot of money and wealth to spend, but since his wife died 10 years ago, the loneliness is so much that it does not go away. There are two children and both have been sent to America to study and for the last 7 years Bajpayee ji is all alone. Sometimes he goes to the market to buy women and sometimes he himself spends day and night in a hotel room for many days.

Hoteliers also get good money from Bajpai ji and that’s why many times they themselves make arrangements for girls and women.

Bajpayee ji never had a clue that he would get married to a 17 year old girl who is almost equal to his daughter in age. But this fire is such that it neither cares about age nor relationships. Rakhi was given in marriage to Bajpai ji and the first night was going to be very difficult for Rakhi. Bajpai had been restraining himself for many days waiting for this night but he did not know that Rakhi was not ready to hand herself over to him.

Bajpayee ji came and sat near Rakhi and said – How are you feeling? romantic stories

  • Rakhi – I am scared, you cannot do anything wrong with me.

There was a lot of vibration in Rakhi’s voice, she was scared and Bajpayee ji understood this fear and said – Hey, nothing, why are you so scared. Live in this house as you live in your own house and I will not do anything to you. By saying this, Bajpai ji gave a glass of milk to Rakhi and told her to sleep after drinking it. But Bajpayee ji was a seasoned player, he knew that if he sleeps on the sofa or goes out of the room, that too will not go well. That’s why he turned his back and slept on the same bed so that Rakhi could also get used to him.

Rakhi Ki Bechaini For a few months, the nights were spent just like that, but youth never leaves anyone,

If there is no control on youth, then it first makes the younger person impatient. Bajpayee ji used to come everyday wearing such a perfume which used to create uneasiness in the body and used to pull him towards him. After a few months, Rakhi’s mind also developed attraction for the man and the desire to feel him flared up inside Rakhi too, but now how can she say all this?

Now she started trying to woo Bajpai ji. Sometimes she would drop the pallu of the saree, sometimes she would wear a small size blouse, sometimes she would make gestures with mischievous eyes, but Bajpayee ji was playing his game. He knew that right now the age is only 17 years and if at this age he could make Rakhi so restless that she yearns to have him, then he would have to completely ignore her for some time and this technique was working. Restlessness was increasing inside Rakhi.

Youth was now diving in the open sea, but Bajpai ji would only comfort Rakhi and fall asleep after explaining the things of life.

One day Bajpayee ji was taking a bath in the bathroom, suddenly Rakhi came from behind and started teasing Bajpayee ji by dropping drops of water from behind. Bajpayee ji was happy and he understood that his ploy was working and he was succeeding in his plan. The next day Bajpayee ji brought a new phone to Rakhi in which she used to watch videos related to men and women throughout the day and her restlessness reached its peak and she could not bear it. The game was going to be fun. romantic stories

One night as soon as Bajpayee ji came to bed

  • Rakhi put her head in his feet and said – why are you doing this to me, you do not love me.
  • Bajpayee ji said – No dear, who told you this, I love you very much
  • Rakhi – Then why do you run away from me.
  • Bajpai – I don’t run away, I have a lot of work, I can’t leave it.
  • Rakhi – So can’t you spare some time for me, at least we both should be alone while sleeping.
  • Bajpai immediately said – what else will we do?
  • Rakhi – Whatever you want to do and whatever I want to do
  • It was too late to say this, Bajpayee ji had the whole game in his hands, he took Rakhi in his arms and by holding her tightly pulled her towards him and said – Look, if I hold you then I will not leave you.
  • Rakhi – So who wants to leave here?
  • Bajpai ji – There may be some problem too?
  • Rakhi – everything is acceptable if you do it right

What was it then, Bajpayee ji made his hold on the rakhi and after that, as Bajpayee ji used to do, kept it

In a short while the whole room became hot and voices started echoing. Tonight was going to be a very long night, because neither Bajpai ji was going to sleep nor would he allow Rakhi to sleep. Hugging each other, both were just feeling each other for a few hours. Sometimes Bajpayee used to dominate and sometimes Rakhi. Bajpayee ji was sharing all his experiences with Rakhi that he had and Rakhi had become insanely crazy and would get intoxicated at every touch of Bajpayee ji. The heartwarming start of the story had taken a delightful turn and now the climax was left. romantic stories

Rakhi Ki Bechaini Rakhi was not able to control herself even if she did not want to because she was very young. romantic stories

Nothing of any kind was coming to mind and youth was in full swing like a storm coming in the ocean. In this tender age, in whatever direction you have drifted away, just drift away, what is right and what is wrong, it cannot even be guessed. Rakhi was giving Bajpayee saheb that happiness which he had not felt even after his first marriage and this happiness was also very special because on one side Bajpayee ji was getting old and on the other side Rakhi was getting young.

Desperation was visible between both of them to have each other and both were helpless and helpless towards each other, as if their bodies had become hot. Both were trying their best to pacify the desperation of their respective parts. Bajpayee ji gave memories to Rakhi, those memories which she will not be able to forget for the rest of her life. What Rakhi got was no less than a priceless gift because the bud had blossomed into a flower. romantic stories



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