Saas Bahu Aur NRI

Saas Bahu Aur NRI
Saas Bahu Aur NRI

Saas Bahu Aur NRI Friends, Ullu App’s latest episode Palang Tod – Saas, Bahu Aur NRI what have you watched? This episode has collected huge views since its release. So far 20 lakh people have seen it.

This episode like other episodes of Ullu app is full of hot and bold scenes and new angle and chemistry between saas and bahu which makes this episode very engaging. The two women’s story for each other and their desire to find each other makes for a fun episode.

What is special about Saas Bahu Aur NRI?

Friends, in this episode the coming of mother-in-law between man and woman has been presented in a very different way. Mother-in-law is alone, father-in-law has passed away and now somehow she is passing her life alone. Meanwhile, there is a twist in the story and the daughter-in-law’s brother comes home from abroad.

Hot avatar of rajsi verma

Yes friends, Rajsi Verma is playing the lead role i.e. mother-in-law in this episode. Today Rajsi comes on top in the count of bold and hot actresses of India. She is showing off her beauty in this episode as well. By giving mischief in the eyes and bold scenes, he has made this episode very hot. If you like to watch suspenseful romance then this episode is for you.

When is the release?

Friends, this episode has been released and is available on Ullu App. You can watch it and at the same time enjoy another hot story. Friends, the thing to see is that in this series, not only the relationship between man and woman has been presented, two women’s story between women has been shown, which will make the viewer completely restless.

If you are fond of watching hot and romantic movies then don’t miss this episode at all, it is enough to set your mood.



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