Saraswati mata

Saraswati mata
Saraswati mata

Saraswati Mata is the best but respect will always be given to Lakshmi Radhe, Radhe friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you another informative thing which matches our life completely.

Friends, once there was a debate that who is the best between Maa Saraswati and Maa Lakshmi and this debate increased so much that there was hue and cry from Devlok to Patallok. First of all both the mothers went to the Supreme Father Brahma and asked him to take a decision.

Saraswati mata

Brahma ji said that only Mahadev can answer this question of superiority, Saraswati mata

Saraswati mata

That’s why you go to him. When both the goddesses went to Mahadev Shiva, they were in meditation. Both the mothers prayed to Lord Shiva and when Shiva woke up, he said that no one other than Sri Hari Vishnu can answer this in all the three worlds, so both of you go to Sri Hari Vishnu and find the answer, there you will surely find the answer.

Lord Vishnu was sitting on Sheshnag and both the mothers were very disturbed and upset.

Vishnu asked – Tell me Devi, how did you come?

Saraswati mata

Mother Lakshmi said – O Lord, You know everything, please tell me who is the best among us and only You will answer this, no one else.

Lord Vishnu ji said – O Goddess, pot is made of clay, everyone pays for the pot made of clay and uses it, but it does not mean that the value of clay is less. A pot made of clay has its own value and the clay has its own value. Similarly, both of you are also not different, but one. One is incomplete without the other. One who has Lakshmi will definitely have Saraswati and whoever has Saraswati will definitely get Lakshmi.

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The mothers were not satisfied with this answer and further said – Lord don’t confuse us with examples, just tell us who is the best. Mother Saraswati

Narayan replied – O mothers, superiority is not in a man, but in his qualities and you both are superior in your respective places, so don’t mix knowledge and money, but only after having both of you, man is considered complete. Well, the mothers were satisfied and started living with each other lovingly.

Mother Saraswati

But time passed and finally Kalyug started and even today it is going on continuously. We are slowly moving towards the fierce Kalyug and this rising Kalyug has given the answer to that question of this supremacy.

Saraswati is always superior because the one who does not have Saraswati can have wealth but the one who has wealth, it is not necessary that he also has Saraswati.

With increasing influence, it is being proved that Saraswati is the best but now only Lakshmi gets more respect. Mother Saraswati

Say Radhe-Radhe with love!


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