Sharir Ki Garmi Kaise Dur Kare ?

Sharir Ki Garmi Kaise Dur Kare ?
Sharir Ki Garmi Kaise Dur Kare ?

Sharir Ki Garmi Kaise Dur Kare ? How to remove body heat ? Friends, today we want to draw your attention towards a problem which bothers people a lot. Some people get rashes on their body and head, some people feel hot and some people feel excessively hot. The thing to see is that it takes a long time to get rid of this problem from the root and this heat also increases the heat of the stomach.

And once the heat of the stomach increases, then the balance of the body gets completely disturbed and the person has to face many problems. Today in this article, we will tell you the root solution of this problem. We will tell you some such remedies, which will get rid of body and stomach heat forever.

How to remove body heat ? Sharir Ki Garmi Kaise Dur Kare ?

Drink as much water as possible

Friends, keep this thing in mind that if there is no shortage of water in your body, then you can save yourself from dozens of diseases of the body. Apart from this, the most direct and easy way to remove the heat of the body and stomach is that you should consume water as much as possible. Be it summer or winter, you must drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water daily. This will keep your body cool from inside.

Chew belpatra leaves

  • Friends, if you chew three leaves of belpatra on an empty stomach every day, then believe me you will never have this problem.
  • Yes, vine is very cold and its leaves are very cooling.
  • If you consume its leaves for a long time, then your body and stomach will remain cool.
  • Apart from this, you should also take special care that you have to drink a glass of plain water after chewing belpatra leaves.

Stop consuming tea and coffee

Yes, you have to completely stop tea and coffee for a few months. Once this problem is over from the root, then you can start consuming tea and coffee. If you drink alcohol then that too has to be stopped completely, yes you can drink cold beer, it will definitely benefit you.

Don’t wear tight clothes

  • Yes, if you have a problem of body and stomach heat, then you should not wear tight clothes at all because it will increase your problem and put you in more trouble than before.
  • Apart from this, you should also understand that tight clothes also close the holes of your body cells due to which the skin cannot breathe.
  • So, as long as this problem persists, you should avoid wearing tight clothes.

Keep the stomach clean

  • This is very important or should we say that it is most important.
  • If the stomach is not clean, the temperature in the body automatically increases and the body remains warm.
  • This is called the problem of increased bile in Ayurveda.
  • Friends, remember this thing that if you have heat in your body or stomach, then definitely eat papaya, cucumber and try to keep the stomach completely clean, even if you have to take Triphala powder.
  • If the stomach remains clean, then the problem of body heat will not trouble you for a long time.

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