Sugar Door karne ka Auyrvedic Nuskha

Sugar Door karne ka Auyrvedic Nuskha
Sugar Door karne ka Auyrvedic Nuskha

Sugar Door karne ka Auyrvedic Nuskha Home ayurvedic remedies to get rid of sugar Home ayurvedic remedies to get rid of sugar Friends, call it sugar or diabetes, today this disease has engulfed the whole world. Today every third person is somewhere on the verge of becoming a diabetic and if once diabetes occurs, then one has to live with the help of diet and medicines for the whole life. Whether it is allopathy or homeopathy, its treatment is not possible and many times this knowledge fails to control it.

But Ayurveda treatment is the only science that not only gives a chance to a diabetic patient to live freely, but has proved to be effective to a great extent in making him fit like before. Sugar is caused by the insulin hormone not working properly. Stress and wasteful lifestyle add to it. In this article, we are telling you Ayurvedic remedies to control and cure sugar, which you can do at home with the consultation of a doctor.

Ayurvedic recipe for Sugar Door Karne, What are the causes of having sugar?

Not exercising – Taking mental stress or tension – Obesity – Eating too much of sweet and fried food – Generational problem (genetic)

How to recognize sugar, what are the symptoms of sugar?

Frequent urination Blurred vision Prolonged feeling of tiredness or weakness Numbness in the legs Increased hunger and thirst Weight loss Delayed healing of wounds

Pay attention to all these symptoms and if you feel that you are feeling these symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

What is Ayurvedic home remedy? Sugar Door karne ka Auyrvedic Nuskha

First of all, see a good doctor and get your sugar test done. If you are not going out, nowadays sugar test is done at home with the help of online facility.

Apart from this there are some other ways –


Basil has antioxidant properties and is also antibacterial. It contains methyl, caryophyllene and eigenol and all these elements activate and strengthen insulin and its process. Apart from this, Tulsi relieves stress because it also contains antioxidant elements, so people consider Tulsi tea as a medicine. You have to chew 3 to 4 leaves of Tulsi on an empty stomach daily after being fresh in the morning, it will help you a lot in sugar.

Bitter gourd

Because of having carotene, bitter gourd is a natural steroid, which never allows the sugar level to increase or you can drink 100 ml of bitter gourd juice mixed with the same amount of water daily on an empty stomach.


Soak fenugreek seeds in some water every night and drink the same water lightly in the morning and chew the remaining fenugreek seeds thoroughly. This helps diabetic patients a lot.


Friends, Yoga is that boon which cures even the biggest diseases from the root. If you are a diabetic patient, do yoga every morning for at least half an hour. There are some asanas which will give you miraculous results in sugar within a few days. You have to do Pranayama, Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom and Mandukasana in the morning. It’s very easy to do, if you want to see how, you can watch it on YouTube.

Do walk in the morning

Remember that morning walk is no less than a boon for sugar patients. Morning walk can make a tremendous difference in their health. When you go for a walk in the morning, run a little, lick the soles of your feet with a stone, and then walk a little on the green grass. This will give you miraculous results.


Friends, Triphala is a panacea for sugar patients. It works like a medicine in the body of a sugar patient. By activating the pancreas, it makes insulin stronger and controls sugar completely.
Ayurveda is such a treatment not only for sugar patients but for every type of patient which only gives benefits, there is no harm at all. So you should also apply the given information in your life and control your sugar completely and there is a possibility of complete recovery.

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