Adhoore Suhaagraat


Adhoore Suhaagraat Rahul is a resident of Delhi and his age is 29 years. He is on the post of Senior Engineer in a private company in Gurgaon. His salary is around 1 lakh and looks good too. In today’s world, getting such a durable boy is like getting a Kohinoor diamond.

Rahul’s family members are looking for a girl for his marriage and Rahul is now all set to tie the knot. Only one thing is troubling Rahul. From the beginning, he was so engrossed in his studies and then in his job that he never made any girlfriend. It was not that he did not talk to girls at all.

Being smart and hardworking from the beginning, girls flocked to him

But never had a relationship with anyone. Rahul was attracted towards a girl but could never muster up the courage to speak to her. Just kept on sighing from a distance. Post graduation also got over and then got a good job. But since then till today Rahul’s condition is the same.

Now Rahul was finally ready for marriage, but before arranged marriage, he wanted to know the girl very well, wanted to understand her and wanted to make her understand. Well, talk started going on in the fraternity and marriage relations started coming, some were rejected by Rahul and some by his family members.

But Rahul had only one condition on every relationship.

After the girl is finalized, he will date her for the next 6 months and if both of them like each other’s company then only the engagement and then marriage will happen. The fruit of patience is always sweet. Eventually, Swati’s relationship came to Rahul. Swati was on the post of teacher in a private school and was very beautiful. Suhaagraat

On seeing the photo, Rahul and his family members said yes and

  • Rahul’s mother said to her sister-in-law – Sister, tell his family members to come home next Sunday.
  • Sister-in-law said – Ok, I tell you, if everything goes well, they will come and don’t worry, these people are very good and straight, if God wills, this marriage will be confirmed.
  • Rahul’s mother said – but everything is fine about them, isn’t it? Sister-in-law said – don’t worry, these people are very special to us, we have seen and shown everything.
  • Rahul’s mother sighed coldly and said – it is fine. Saturday has arrived and Swati’s family members also got a call.
  • The bell rang and a voice came – this is the house of Mr. Naveen Bajaj, Rahul’s father?
  • Rahul said – Yes, the voice came – who are you?

Rahul – I am speaking only Rahul, you tell me what is the work?

  • Swati’s father said – Son, I am Suresh Bansal, Swati’s father Rahul – Who is Swati? O… Now I remembered,
  • Hello uncle, the voice came – Hello son, can I talk to father?
  • Rahul – Yes, of course I will call you right now. Rahul’s father came on the phone and said – Yes, tell me Bansal sahib, how are you?
  • Will come to you by o’clock, whatever the matter, we will do it sitting face to face.
  • Rahul’s father – Yes, yes, of course, you are welcome, come, please listen,
  • Swati’s father said – Ok, see you tomorrow,
  • Bairahul’s father – Yes, of course, from the very next morning, the preparations for the guests at Rahul’s house should start.
  • Rahul was not able to understand why the family members are so restless, Suhaagraat

The relationship is not even confirmed yet and so many preparations are being made.

Pakodas and kachoris were being fried in Rahul’s house since morning. Besides, the house was being decorated. Well it was 2 o’clock in the day and along with Swati’s parents, her elder father and Swati’s elder sister also came.

Rahul’s family members went to the gate and joined hands to bring the guests inside the house. Apart from Swati’s family members, Rahul’s family members were also excited and restless about this relationship.

Both the families wanted this relationship to happen. Rahul was called and Swati’s elder father and her elder sister started talking to Rahul.

  • Swati’s sister said – Where do you work?
  • Rahul Rahul – Yes Gurgaon, I am an IT Engineer.
  • Elder sister – Well, have you just joined the company or is it time?
  • Rahul – No, I have been in this company for 2 years. Swati’s sister said – very good.

What is the future plan? I said –

Yes, I am thinking of going out further or will open my startup. Swati’s father and other relatives were very happy on this and they also liked Rahul.

Then Rahul said – Don’t get me wrong all of you but before you go ahead I want to meet Swati and I think she will also want to meet me because if anything comes together then we have to stay together.

Swati’s father said – Absolutely son,

We talk to Swati and if she wants then you guys should meet, understand and know each other. Rahul is very happy to hear this. When this was told to Swati, she also agreed and said – It is absolutely fine, I also want to meet.

Father gave Rahul’s number to Swati and said – Here take Rahul’s number and talk. Swati kept Rahul’s number in the phone. After two-three days, on Friday, after being free from work, Swati called Rahul.

Rahul picked up the phone and said – Hello Swati – Hello, am I talking to Rahul?

  • Rahul – Yes speaking, who are you?
  • Swati – Hi Rahul, I am Swati, that father had given your number, I wanted to meet you
  • Rahul – Hey, yes, how are you?
  • Swati – I am fine, how are you?
  • Rahul – Yes, I am also fine, actually I was waiting for your call that when will it come.
  • Swati – Well, why Rahul – Before our family members decide something, it is very important for both of us to know each other, isn’t it?
  • Swati – Sure, so where to meet?
  • Rahul – If you are free tomorrow, we can meet at the cafe.
  • Swati – Yes, I am free, so let’s meet tomorrow at the main market cafe.
  • Rahul – Okay. Rahul and Swati reached the cafe and The first meeting of both of them went well and after that both of them started meeting every week.

While Swati’s love for Rahul was increasing, Rahul was also attracted towards Swati and both started loving each other. After 3 months of meeting, both of them told the decision of marriage to the family members and the family members were very happy. Suhaagraat

Suhaagraat Rahul and Swati were happy, only a few days were left for the wedding,

The love between Rahul and Swati had increased and now that love wanted to leave its mark on each other along with a name. One night at 11 o’clock Rahul messaged Swati – do something today?

Swati Swati understood and she said – What will you do Rahul – Whatever is going on in your mind right now Swati – Okay, but first hug me Rahul – Tightly or slowly

woh swati – very tight, hugs your chest lorahul – hugged, how do you feel? swati – very warm and very relaxed.

The heat spread in both of their bodies and both got lost in each other. That night both slept at 4 in the morning. Both spent the whole night in hot sighs. Suhaagraat

Now both were waiting for marriage. Suhaagraat

The wedding date arrived and the wedding went smoothly. But Rahul and Swati’s life was about to take a new turn. As soon as Rahul entered the room on the honeymoon, Swati froze and started hesitating. Rahul locked the door of the room and came and sat on the bed beside Swati.

Swati said – Drink milk, it will cool down. Rahul said – Nothing will be cold today, we both will keep the weather warm.

Swati heard this and said, yes today is the night to cross all limits and today is the night for both of us to unite.

What was it then that Swati and Rahul started hugging each other like a snake hugs sandalwood. Suhaagraat

Sighs were getting hot and breaths were getting desperate, both of them were sweating profusely.

Every sigh was hot… was seducing both, each other’s fragrance had made both of them intoxicated. The hands were going on each other on their own and the feeling of desperation was increasing.

That’s why Swati came to her senses completely from her trance and said – That’s all for today Rahul, it won’t be possible anymore. Rahul seems to have got a shock.

Rahul kept saying – what happened, tell me, but Swati did not say anything and slept by putting the sheet. It was as if Rahul lost his mind. Many nights followed and Swati left Rahul’s arms before reaching climax. Suhaagraat

When this went on for a few months, one day Rahul asked Swati the reason,

So Swati started crying and said – I get tired already, hearing this Rahul got frustrated and took Swati to different doctors and tried many medicines, but nothing worked.

One day Rahul was sad sitting in the park when Rahul’s uncle came there who was very close to Rahul. They asked – What happened Rahul? Rahul – Nothing uncle.

When uncle asked again and again, Rahul told him about Swati’s problem. Uncle said – That’s it, son doesn’t get discouraged, let me give you the treatment. Uncle came home with Rahul and asked Rahul to bring a pen and paper. Suhaagraat

Uncle wrote 5 types of diet to Rahul and also gave two

Ayurvedic medicine also and said, both remove all the tension from your mind, everything will be fine, just keep taking this diet and medicine for 3 months. But don’t take tension at all. Swati and Rahul touched Dadaji’s feet and took his blessings.

For 3 months Swati followed the diet and medicines prescribed by her uncle and after that a miracle happened. Swati and Rahul had a honeymoon every night and their married life went on happily.



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