Top 10 Ullu Actress

Top 10 Ullu Actress
Top 10 Ullu Actress

Top 10 Ullu Actress In the last few years, the culture of film and television in India has ended and been replaced by another attractive screen of entertainment, which is called the OTT Platform. Due to its arrival, everyone, be it a child or an old man, is lost in the world of web series and today the situation is that this OTT has become so big that it has overtaken the film and TV world.

Top 10 Ullu Actress Big film stars want to come on this OTT platform today.

The reason for that is that not only people are earning a name on this platform but also earning a lot of money. Today many actresses working on OTT have become famous from house to house, everyone is crazy about their style and eager to meet them and that is the reason why these web series are super hit and 3 to 5 year old web series. Even today it is being watched indiscriminately and OTT owners are earning crores.

But today these beautiful girls working on OTT are earning huge money and they are getting name and fame as much as any film star. let’s tell you

Top 10 Ullu Actress About those 10 actresses who created panic on Ullu app :-

Top 10 Ullu Actresses

1. Rajsi Verma

Friends, this name is not new to anyone now. Rajsi Verma, who has worked in hit web series like Palang Tod, Damad Ji, Charamsukh, and many more, is a well-known name today. People are crazy about her style and the web series in which she appears today is sure to be a hit. There are heartbeats of millions of people.

How much does Rajsi Verma earn?

Rajsi Verma is earning 7 to 8 lakh rupees from a web series which is not less than any OTT platform. Means if she is appearing in 10 episodes then she is earning 80 lakh rupees. In the year 2019, he was found to have assets worth Rs 5 crore.

2. Genie Jazz

Jini is considered to be one of the top heroines of the Ullu App. Genie worked in Ullu App’s Charamsukh – (knowingly and unknowingly) series, but it became such a big hit that Genie became the heartbeat of people overnight. Genie is the hottest and most famous heroine of Ullu.

How much does Genie Jazz earn?

Jini charges 8 lakhs for an episode and the way her popularity is increasing it seems she will soon leave behind Bollywood actresses.

3. Sneha Paul

Sneha Paul, who has worked in Charamsukh Chawl House, is also second to none. He has also made the audience sweat a lot. Sneha Paul is a young and beautiful actress whose beauty has been seen by the whole world and now she is ruling the OTT screen.

How much does Sneha Paul earn?

Friends, Sneha Paul is also a successful actress today and she is taking at least 8 lakh rupees for an episode and she is still very young. She can become the costliest actress in the coming years.

4. Mahi Kaur

Palang Tod – Gaon Ki Garmi Who hasn’t seen the series? By showing the warmth of the village, Mahi Kaur created warmth inside the people and compelled them. Mahi Kaur is one of those few heroines who have earned a lot of fame in a short span of time. Being from Punjab, his height and size are very attractive and that is the reason why people love him wholeheartedly and his following is also tremendous.

How much does Mahi Kaur earn?

Mahi Kaur is not only working in Ullu app, but she is also making good money by working on other platforms, if we talk about her money for one episode, then she is charging 12 to 15 lakh rupees.

5. Pallavi Mukherjee

Pallavi Mukherjee, who stole everyone’s heart in Ullu’s series Charamsukh – Ek Khwaab Suhagrat, is a beautiful and attractive heroine and Ullu has tried her with many different roles and now she is associated with Ullu.

How much does Pallavi Mukherjee earn?

Friends, Pallavi Mukherjee charges 9 lakh rupees for an episode, which is a big deal for any new actress.

6. Mokshita Raghav

Friends, you must have seen Mokshita on the Tick Talk app, she was the star there, and after seeing her videos Ullu app cast Mokshita for her series Prabha’s Diary Season Two – The Housewife and Mokshita also worked well and people She succeeded in making a place in the hearts of Mokshita is very hot and cute and this is the reason why young people die and old people also get restless seeing her.

How much do you earn?

Mokshita Raghav is taking 7 lakh rupees for one episode and she is also working in other places and if we know about her annual income then she is earning 2 crore rupees in a year.

7. Shafaq Naaz

Shafaq has so far worked in two webseries of Ullu and both have become huge hits. Shafaq is liked by a lot of people and the reason for that is his cute face which everyone is crazy about. Shafaq’s work in Ullu’s series The Last Shows was excellent

How much do you earn?

Shafaq charges Rs 9 lakh for an episode and the reason for this is her ever-expanding popularity.

8. Simran Khan

Simran Khan has been in a lot of discussion because of her boldness. She has worked in hot series like Palang Tod – Caretaker and in that she played the role of a nurse. She has recently worked in ‘Lovely Massage Parlour’ webseries.

How much do you earn?

Simran Khan earns 6 lakh rupees from one episode but she looks no less than any Bollywood heroine. There is a charm in her face which attracts men towards her.

9. Nikhita Chopra

Nikhita Chopra, who has done amazing acting in Ullu App’s most superhit series Khul Ja Sim-Sim, is a very beautiful and hot heroine who has many offers now and Nikhita’s popularity is increasing.

How much do you earn?

Nikhita Chopra is charging 8 lakh rupees for an episode and the main reason behind this is her increasing popularity.

10. Mishti Basu

Mishti Basu, who played the lead role in hot web series like Palang Tod – Aadha Adhoora Pyaar and Charamsukh Adviser, is the most beautiful girl of Ullu franchise and working in two fascinating web series, Mishti Basu is known among millions on her own.

How much do you earn?

Mishti Basu charges at least 10 lakh rupees for an episode and this is the reason why Mishti has no dearth of offers and today she is a successful heroine.

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