Top Hot web series

Top Hot web series
Top Hot web series

Top Hot web series Top Hot Web series Friends, the time of going to the cinema hall to watch a movie for 3 hours or watching TV for hours at home is now a thing of the past. Today every person has a phone in his hand and entertainment, sports, politics, movies, or whatever, everything is available on the phone. The younger generation doesn’t watch TV anymore. With the new era, the trend of OTT and web series has started.

This trend has grown so fast that it has taken everyone in its grip.

Today, because of having a phone in every hand, OTT and these web series have reached people of all ages, classes and sects. This is the reason why he has made a separate and very big place for himself by moving away from films and TV. The thing to see is that today OTT platforms have their own audience who like to watch only what is shown in OTT.

In the last few years, not one but different OTT platforms were launched in the market and big companies and brands have invested money on them.

Some are Alt Balaji, some are Ullu apps and some are Kooku apps. But the thing to see is that millions of people visit all these platforms daily, none of them flopped and probably this is the reason why OTT is the biggest market and web series is the biggest business at the moment.

Top Hot web series Today we will talk to you about 4 hottest web series :-

Palang Tod :-

Friends Palang Tod web series is available on the Ullu app and so far more than 10 lakh people have seen Palang Tod. This is the reason that its next part is ready and it is also being liked continuously. Ullu App is making many parts of this Palang Tod series. The part which has just been launched is in the name of my son-in-law.

Virgin Bhaskar :- Top Hot web series

Friends, Virgin Bhaskar has been run by both Zee 5 and Alt Balaji on their platforms and this is the first series that two different companies have run on their platforms and the big reason behind this is Virgin Bhaskar being a hit. Is . In this series, there is a tailor named Bhaskar who sews women’s clothes, but there is so much greenery around him that he goes astray even without wanting to and romance takes place.

Charmsukh :-

This is also a web series of the Ullu App which proved to be a super hit many parts of it have come till now and still, the shooting of its upcoming part is going on. Charmsukh is the biggest heat web series of the Ullu app so far and it is the only web series whose every part has been watched by 10 lakh or more people and are watching continuously even today.

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Suno Sasur ji :-

This is the web series of the Kooku app which created panic. This series and its episodes became a super hit, not only this everyone was surprised to see the chemistry between father-in-law and daughter-in-law and everyone’s impatience increased. Because of this web series, the Kooku app has made itself known to a lot of people.

So these were the top hot web series which created a stir on the OTT platform and now everyone is making similar stories and investing money on them and earning lakhs and crores.


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