Ullu Lekar Aaya Sautela Pyaar

Sautela Pyaar
Sautela Pyaar

Ullu Lekar Aaya – Sautela Pyaar Friends, if you are fond of entertainment and you are also fond of watching hot web series, then Sautela Pyaar series of Ullu app is for you. It is fun to watch how the father’s son tries to woo his young stepmother and how he succeeds. The story is full of romance and yearning for romance. Apart from this, the arrival of unknown relationships in one bed makes the viewers desperate.

Sautela Pyaar Who is the artist ?

Majestic Verma

Friends, Rajshi Verma, the number 1 actress of today’s hot web series, is the lead actress in this web series. Today millions of people in our country are crazy about his style and gesture. Today Rajsi Verma has the courage to make any web series a hit with her style. She often plays mother, aunt, sister-in-law and in this series she is seen in the role of step mother.

Ashwini Kaushal

Friends, Ashwini Kaushal is a well known face of Indian TV and Film. senior artist and has done many TV shows and movies. He is seen in the role of father in this film also has a lot of romance with Rajsi, which will enthrall the audience.


Friends, Devashish is a young and web series artist. Apart from being young, he is very famous among girls. That’s why he has a very special role in this series. His chemistry with Rajsi Verma in the series has been liked by many. Rajsi was looking for a young man and that young man happens to be the son of her second husband.

What is the story ?

Friends, the story is very simple. Rajsi Verma is a widow and her daughter is about to finish her college studies. There is a lot of love between mother and daughter and when the daughter comes to know that the mother is very lonely.

So she finds Joseph for her mother’s marriage whose wife is dead. The two meet and fall in love. Now the daughter wants to get the mother married. The marriage takes place and Rajsi comes to the house.

There is Anthony’s photo at home, seeing which lust arises in Rajasi’s mind.

But she didn’t know that the boy whose photo she was looking at, the same son gets hooked on step mother Rajsi Verma. He sees Rajsi Verma’s hot body and gets attracted towards her. Now it so happens that one day Joseph i.e. Rajsi’s husband goes out for business work for a few days and Rajsi becomes lonely again but Anthony senses this and tries to charm Rajsi in various ways. And in the end he gets the victory. Rajsi Verma also agrees to quench the thirst of the young man and Anthony also breaks all the walls of relationships.

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Why watch Sautela Pyaar ?

If you are fond of watching Betaabi with romance, then this series is definitely for you. Hot scenes, thirsty eyes, naughty gestures will make you watch this series.


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