Upcoming Ullu Web Series

Upcoming Ullu Web Series
Upcoming Ullu Web Series

(Upcoming ullu web series) Upcoming Ullu web series Ullu app has become so famous today that other platforms are looking small in front of it. This is being seen not only in India but all over the world. People are liking almost all its web series and episodes, as well as the actors working in them are earning fame and name on the one hand and are also taking big money.

From the app to the artists, everyone is making huge profits and that’s why Ullu or other apps like it are shooting fast paced indiscriminately so that the viewers get new content every 2 weeks.

In the last 3 years Ullu app has emerged as the most popular app

among all the viewers and its webseries or episodes are watched by millions of people again and again. Millions of people are watching their 4 years old content even today. So Ullu app is bringing lots of new funny stories and web series for the viewers in the new year. Let’s know about them

Palang Tod ( Gaon ki Garmi – Part 2 )

Palang has already been a hot series and now Ullu is coming soon with its second part. The shooting has been completed and will be telecast soon. It stars Mahi Kaur and Anupam Gohoi in lead roles.

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This is also a very hot series of Ullu and was launched only last year, it proved to be a huge hit and due to this, there was talk of making its next part. Its shooting has not started yet, the search for new actors is going on.

Charamsukh impotent

Charamsukh is the web series of Ullu which became the biggest hit and due to this series, Ullu got recognition. Its next part is ready for the audience and it will come by next month. It stars Nisha, Nitish, and Krithi in lead roles.

Kavita Bhabhi ( Part 3 and Part 4 )

After 2 seasons of the Kavita Bhabhi series being a super hit, now it is preparing to bring its third and fourth seasons together because it has been liked by the audience.

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Exit ( Part-2 )

Exit, which is already a hit series on Ullu App, is all set to make its next installment and will soon be out for the viewers. This is the most expensive series to date because it also has film actors and this web series is on a big budget. Love, cheating, money, and romance are completely coded in it. The series stars Rajneesh Duggal, Vrinda Tiwari, Manish Goplani, Aishwarya Rai Bhakuni, Aparna Dixit, and Shivoy Katyal.

So get ready for an Ullu app adventure. All the upcoming web series will be full of action, drama, and romance. Dekhadekhi of Ullu app, now other apps are also showing similar content in which Cuckoo app is also there and some channels of youtube are also earning good profit by running similar series on their channel. Upcoming Ullu Web Series



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