Victory cannot be won without bowing down, O Arjuna

Victory cannot be won without bowing down
Victory cannot be won without bowing down

O Arjuna, victory cannot be won without bowing down. The armies were standing facing each other and Bhishma Pitamah was about to blow the conchshell of war that Pandu’s son Yudhishthira said – Charioteer, take my chariot towards the Kaurava army. The charioteer did the same and in no time Yudhishthira reached near the Kaurava army.

Victory cannot be won without bowing down, O Arjuna

Victory cannot be won without bowing down, O Arjuna Duryodhan’s joy knew no bounds, he said to maternal uncle Shakuni in a voice of happiness – Look maternal uncle, Yudhishthira himself is coming, it seems, seeing the number of Kaurava army, his stomach has become watery and now he is begging for his life.

He is coming here. After that Duryodhana told Bhishma Pitamah, Guru Drona and Vice-Chancellor Kripacharya – See, you all also see, we have won the war. Brothers are coming right here with folded hands, we have won Pitamah…..we have won….

Pitamah said to Duryodhana in a very compassionate and pure voice –

O son, this is the demerit within you which hides your other qualities as well. Learn to wait son, learn to wait. Do you feel from Yudhishthir’s trick that he is coming to ask for life. I can’t see the panic on his face, nor the trembling in his hands and feet.

That’s why Guru Drona said in a loud voice – Hey Gandhari Nandan Duryodhan, have I taught any of you the lesson of fear or fear and if not, then learn to wait son.

Duryodhana’s praise was questioned and he immediately raised questions in front of Pitamaha Bhishma and Guru Drona – then why is brother Yudhishthira coming this way. Then Bhishma said – that will be known only after he comes here.

In such a time Yudhishthira’s chariot reached there and Yudhishthira with folded hands first reached Pitamaha’s chariot. Pitamah saw Yudhishthira and he also got down from his chariot and went near and asked.

What happened son ? Have a problem ?

Yudhishthira replied – O Pitamah, today we are going to fight a war in this Dharmakshetra Kurukshetra, no one knows what will be the result, but from childhood till today, all of us brothers have not started any work without taking your permission. I have come to take orders from you for war and by saying this, Yudhishthira started bowing down at the feet of Pitamah with folded hands.

The grandfather raised Yudhishthira and said – O son, if you do not come today to take orders, I would have cursed you. On this Yudhishthira said – O Kurushrestha, without your blessings, we cannot even go hunting, so this is still a war, so bless us.

Pitamah became very proud and said – may you be victorious son… may you be victorious.

After this, one by one Yudhishthira went to Guru Drona, Kripacharya and maternal uncle Shalya and went and asked for the permission and blessings of the war and all of them blessed him with victory in their own ways. Duryodhan got angry with jealousy and said – there is no answer for the great men of our army, you have given the blessings of Vijayashree to the enemy… wow.

Arjuna and Lord Krishna sitting on his chariot were watching all this and then Arjuna asked Krishna –

Hey Girdhar, today I also agree to some extent with brother Duryodhana. Tell me why if pitamah and other respected people gave blessings, in such a situation when both the armies are ready to bathe in each other’s blood and now there is no other option,

Is it not injustice to Duryodhana to give the armor of blessings in such a situation ?

To this Krishna replies with a smile – O Partha, bowing down results in blessings only, even if someone is your ultimate enemy and his aim is to kill you, even then if you bow down before him, touch his feet, The person with will be compelled to give blessings because this is the quality of blessings and Duryodhana too would have got this blessing.

if he had touched the feet of brother Yudhishthira but his ego came in the way. If he had touched the feet of brother Yudhishthira, he too would have been blessed by Vijaya shree. That’s why O Arjuna – bowing down is a sign of a victorious man, if you know how to bow down then war will never come, if you know how to bow down then you will always be victorious in every test of life.

Say – Jai Shri Krishna


  1. Yadi kurukshetra me yudhishthir vinamrta se bado ka ashirwad nahi lete to Unko yudh me vejay shree prapt nahi Hoti.Shree Krishna ne GEETA me Arjun ko yahi Updesh Diya tha ki apne se bade logo ke aage jhuk kar he Uttam vichar se Vijay shree prapt ki ja sakti hai.jay shree Krishna Jay shree Radhe Rani 🙏🙏🇮🇳🧡🤎💜🧡🧡💙


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