what was the relation of Shri Krishna with Karna ?

what was the relation of Shri Krishna with Karna ?
what was the relation of Shri Krishna with Karna ?

Radhe-Radhe friends, what was the relation of Shri Krishna with Karna ? Today’s article is very special, because in today’s article we will tell you what was the relation between Maharathi and Mahadani Karna and Lord Krishna and why Krishna always respected Karna.

What was the relation of Shri Krishna with Karna ?

Karna was not only the son of Kunti, he was also the son of Surya and because of this he had the radiance of Surya on his face. Lord Krishna was serious about Karna from the beginning because Karna was not less than Arjuna in any situation and he was stronger than the five Pandavas, even Narayan himself could not harm him because he had Suryadev’s coil and armor Were .

Shri Krishna tried a lot with the power of his intellect to make Karna towards him in an emotional way, but Karna is Karna, once you keep loyalty to him, even if you lose your life, loyalty will not be affected. But Karna also had a special shadow of Shri Krishna because Karna was not only the eldest son of his aunt Kunti but also Paramveer, Mighty, Maharathi and most importantly, he knew Dharma and what happens to Dharma, happens to Krishna.

The whole world was amazed at Karna’s valor and his prowess,

Arjuna himself did not have answers to his arrows but Krishna knew that Karna’s killing is not easy and he can be killed only by unrighteousness but he gave Karna a boon that his fame and bravery would remain immortal forever and Karna’s loyalty And the example of friendship will be given in every era.

Karna was not only a warrior but he was also a sage, being a Kshatriya, he had all the qualities that a great ascetic sage has. Karna’s fame remains the same even today, because even if a gentleman who follows the path of righteousness fights on behalf of Ardhama for some reason, his fame remains immortal.

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Karna’s armor and earrings were demanded,

His bow knowledge was forgotten by the curse and the power of Indra that he had could not be used against the Pandavas and in the end Karna was killed by injustice. Whether it was right or wrong can be a matter of debate because where Shri Krishna is, Dharma is there.

But just imagine, Arjuna’s special chariot given by the god Varuna, on which Arjuna is standing with his divine bow Gandiva and the charioteer is Lord Krishna, yet when Karna shot arrows, the chariot used to take two steps back, think Karna What would be the muscle power of K and the power of his arrows.

Our salutations to such a great charioteer, great donor Karna, say Radhe-Radhe.


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